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I am on Twitter

2 People Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on January 12, 2009 in CPA Affiliate Announcements  

Well with the new year and all i figure i better get my act together and finally get on twitter. so if you want follow me on twitter I will post some tips on there occasionally. stay tuned i will have a post later this week.

Time to get things Crankin again

2 People Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on January 9, 2009 in CPA Affiliate Announcements  

Man it has been to long since i posted on here. I got side track with Real Life… well wouldn’t call it side tracked more so enjoying the starting of our family and our baby girl being born. but in turn i saw affiliate stuff take a dive but now things are bouncing back and will be better then ever. Plus i am going to be making more time to blog and maybe even share a few hot tips. Plus i will be talking about some of the changes in affiliate industry, and even try to get some inside scoops from the networks. Here is to a wonderfull 2008 but to an even better 2009!

Crazy Month of May

4 People Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on May 22, 2008 in CPA Affiliate Announcements  

Man i hope yalls May was less crazy then mine.  I have been busy with family life plus trying new things in the affiliate world. I wanted to make a post to let you guys know i haven’t forgot about my readers and will start posting more as my june is wide open for now. But i do have some exciting news that we found out we are having a little Girl, me and my wife are so excited. Hope all yall have a great holiday weekend and check back soon as there will be some great posts in the upcoming weeks.

WOW what a crazy week

15 People Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on February 8, 2008 in CPA Affiliate Announcements  

Sorry guys I only had one post this week, but it has been a whirl wind. With getting new campaigns going, revamping old ones plus pushing Valentins’ Day offers it has been crazy. PLUS I found out that I a going to be a dad :) so that added some major excitment to the week. I hope things are going strong for you guys and your campaigns are rocking & rolling. I will be making some cool posts next week so stay tuned!

It’s almost 2008 are you ready for it?

3 People Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on December 31, 2007 in CPA Affiliate Announcements  

So your stuffed from eating all that food at Christmas and getting ready for a night on the town, night with your lady or a crazy New Years Celebration… whatever it may be…… are you ready for 2008 financially. Do you have your goals set? Are you motivated to expand? Are you ready for the new onslaught of offers… plus all the new means of reaching users. I am excited to see what will happen in 2008 as the affiliate business literally changes almost daily it makes for an exciting job :) . Plus one of my resolutions for 2008 is to blog more… not just about stuff but about tips, tricks, offers, CPA networks and information you can use. Hope you had a great 2007 but here is to 2008!!

Merry Christmas

Comments Off - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on December 23, 2007 in CPA Affiliate Announcements  

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas! May you and your family have safe travels! I love this time as it is a time to reflect, a time to see family and friends, and a time to be thankful for all our blessings!


Shoemoney’s Free T-shirt Friday CPA Affiliates Featured

5 People Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on December 1, 2007 in CPA Affiliate Announcements, Working Online  

I just wanted to make a post to say thanks to Jeremy for featuring my shirt and blog. But secondly to let my readers know if you want to get a cheap link to your site from a quality blog sending in Shoemoney a T-shirt is probably THE CHEAPEST way and honestly it isn’t limited to just Jeremy… nothing feeds anyones ego more than sending them free stuff (this includes me). As you will notice basically any time i (or other bloggers) have gotten anything cool for free from a network, advertiser, person or blog I (they) have given them a note of thanks in the form of a blog post. As a side note: this upcoming week i will be making a post or two… sorry i haven’t posted more but have been to busy getting some new things out the gate. One of my posts will be about failure and downturns and how to deal with them. Have a great weekend!

Revisiting my Goals for 2007

6 People Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on September 9, 2007 in CPA Affiliate Announcements, Working Online  

Ok so back in December for 2006 i set some goals for myself  for 2007 and I figured it was time to revisit them.

1. Improve my health as a web entrepreneur, we have atendacy to sit on our rears a lot. I have a gym membership but have been maybe 10 times. (I do play basketball every other tuesday though)

Unfortunately I have done very little towards this goal EXCEPT i am pumped their is a LA fitness opening up near me that will have Racquetball courts and i used to love playing so when they open up i will be playing like CRAZY! And i cancelled my 24hr fitness membership due to this.

2. Increase Company profit by 40%.

Done! I actually made more by the end of July than i did in 2006 :) .  

3. Do even more Networking by attending conferences. 

Done Went to Affiliate Summit East and I will be making a trip to visit PepperJam Search and Kris Jones this week.

4. Do more experiments with PPC (including 3rd tier)

I have done so and my first tier experiments are going great but once again proving that most 3rd tier are garbage… but I am still testing…

5. Hire a Web Designer and Programmer. (Ties a little bit to #2) 

Done and Done… while not full time I have them a guaranteed amount of work each month.

6. Finish 3 sites that I have been working on since March 2006.

2 of the sites are done and up and running the 3rd is close to completition. (had some CPA offers I had to tackle and get rocking thus held off on pushing the 3rd to completion.)

7. Get my 2nd Business off the ground that I am partnering with my Dad on.

This one is basically on hold partly due to #2 and #4 ;) .

8. Get CPA Affiliates shirts made and give some away!

I had the T-shirts made and have given some of them away. I guess i should hold a contest on my blog to give them away and not just at conferences and other people that have hit me up for one.

9. Revamp one of my first sites Based on Investing - As in 2006 it basically got neglected.

Still being neglected…. but maybe at some point i will get to it… as other projects have become priority.

So there you have it. Not to bad if you ask me. and the year is just a little more than half over! Where do you stand with your 2007 goals? If you didn’t ahve any set them NOW it’s never to late.

CPA Affiliates T shirts are in!

10 People Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on June 1, 2007 in CPA Affiliate Announcements, Working Online  

With the new design and layout, I finnally descided to get some T-shirts made. They came in late yesterday afternoon. Of course the best part for my readers is you will have a chance to get one! I haven’t decided how or what will have to be done to get one but there will be plenty of opportunities. I might just choose from time to time an awesome comment and send them a T shirt.

Front of CPA Affiliates T shirt
CPA Affiliates T Shirt Front

Back of CPA Affiliates T shirt
CPA Affiliates T Shirt Back

Well Time to enjoy the weekend!

We are Giving Away 10 Affiliate Summit East Passes.

7 People Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on May 23, 2007 in Affiliate Summit, CPA Affiliate Announcements  

CPA Affiliates has teamed up with Earners Forum to give away 10 Affiliate Summit East Exhibit Only Passes ($299 value each). There are only two things you have to do, to have a chance at winning an Affiliate Summit East Pass:  Be an Earners Forum member (join here) and answer one of the three questions below.

  1. Provide an Affiliate Marketing tip, Explain how & why it works?
  2. Provide a way to scale your business online, Explain how & why it works?
  3. Why I deserve a free ASE pass?

You are allowed to answer all three questions to better your odds of winning, but you can only win one pass. We will give 3 passes to each of the top three answers for each question and one pass to the answer of our choosing. Post your answers as a comment to this blog post.  Contest ends June 1st so get your entries in before that. We will notify the winners via email and will post the winning answers on CPA Affiliates.

Good Luck!

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