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Widgets, freebies, open dialogue what more could you want?

16 People Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on November 9, 2009 in Revresponse  

RevResponse is one of the first networks that actually tries to keep open dialogue with its affiliates and offers close to real-time answers to any of their questions. They have a forum and blog setup within your affiliate login that they post updates but you can also ask your questions. Even better they will giv eoyu some one on one time to help you find the best magazines and white papers that will work the best for your sites. They will even recommend different types of ads and placements.

One thing I love about RevResponse is that you can take one look at their offer catalog and see what offers are working well for other publishers. They even indicate payout ranges, earning potentials and popularity of the offer. Because who cares that an offer is hot and it’s not very popular I do. I wish other networks did this so I could find that low hanging fruit and rake in the dough!

Who doesn’t love new widgets to promote hot offers? Revresponse realizes this and just released some new ones. The new creatives you will find in the Ad Wizard take the elements from the best-performing modules and combine them with a cleaner look, a more clear call-to-action, and some more pleasing color choices. They are cleaner and more streamlined (which usually means more converts).

What are you waiting for start making money off of giving away magazines and white papers to your users? Signup with Revresponse!

Not Your Average Affiliate Network

8 People Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on August 28, 2009 in Affiliate Networks, Revresponse  

As you all know there are many Affiliate networks out there that are just the same thing rehashed, all pushing rebills, diet, teeth whitening, and email/zip submit at you with every email that you recieve from them. Well if you are looking for something different you should check out RevResponse as they don’t even push those types of offers, they pay you to give away magazines and white papers! For Every qualified lead you can earn $1.50 – $20.00 Per Lead for signing up for a free magazine or white paper! With RevResponse, every corner of the online world becomes a potential revenue source and they give you the tools to make it happen.

They make it easy to promote via links, banner ads, but also allow you to customize every aspect of it using there ad wizard:
You can choose the size, the color, and even the types of magazines you want to show. They even have a newsletter wizard if you want to send an email blast of hot magazine offers. It doesn’t stop there, they will even do a cobrand of you site, so that it seems like a seemless transition from your site to the Revresponse site. (an Example

Here are the top 10 ways to make money with RevResponse:

1. Monetize Your Blog Posts
2. Cash In On Your Site Content
3. Drive Traffic To Your Co-branded Content Resource Center
4. Promote With E-Newsletter Inclusions
5. Optimize Your Opt-in Mailing List
6. Monetize Your Site Communications
7. Leverage Your Social Networking Sites
8. Create Promotions Using RevResponse RSS Feeds
9. Place An Ad Widget On Your Site
10. Refer New RevResponse Partners (You earn 20% on all commision earned for 6 months)

One other thing i love that RevResponse does is they really engage their affiliates with surveys, contests and are always just an email away from helping you find ways to promote magazines via your sites, newsletters or even via social media.

They have magazine for every industry, so don’t wait signup for RevResponse and start making money today!

Give Away Magazines and Get Paid!

3 People Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on August 29, 2008 in Affiliate Networks, Revresponse  

 One of the best affiliate offer that are out there are ones that are truely free. Revresponse does this and it has worked great for me for years. So the next CPA Network up on the Interview list is the Revresponse.

1.How many offers does your network have?
900+ offers (magazines, white papers, downloads, podcasts, etc) and we’re adding more every day.

2. What is the Average Payout of all your offers?
There is no “average” we pay a minimum of $1.50 per qualified subscription and up to $20. This varies per offer.

3. What is your highest Paying offer and how much?
We don’t disclose the payouts for each offer. We prefer that our partners match the offers with their audience based on the topic not the payout. We don’t want them to chase the highest paying lead if they won’t be able to attain it. The highest payout available is around $20.

4. How much a month does your average affiliate earn?
We don’t disclose this data. Our partners range from those that have very small audiences to those that are recognized top destination sites generating millions of impressions on a daily basis. Because of this disparity, it’s not fair to quote an average payout without understanding the context and size of a specific publisher.

5. Do you have a rewards program (If Yes What Rewards do affiliates receive?)?
We have different contests each month where we reward our partners for various efforts. This month we rewarded each partner who blogged about RevResponse with $50. Other months we have revenue generation contests where we reward them for beating their previous earnings, etc.

6. Do you offer second tier/referral commission (If Yes what payout or percent and for how long?)?
Yes! Our referral program compensates publishers on every new publisher they can get to join RevResponse. They are paid 20% of the referral partner’s earnings for the first 6 months of their partnership.

7. What are your payment terms?
We pay on a Net 45 schedule after a partner reaches a minimum earning of $50. All partners have the choice to be paid via check or via PayPal Mass Pay. If you haven’t heard, we’re the only network paying via PayPal Mass Pay…Mass Pay allows us to eat the costs typically incurred by the publishers.

8. Do you offer Special terms for big earners?
Yes. We monitor every publisher closely and gladly reach out to reward publishers for their strong earning potential/activity.

9. What does it take to get weekly payments (if you offer it)?
We don’t offer weekly payments at this time.

10. What makes your CPA network stand out from the rest?
We pay partners to give away valuable resources for free. Partners don’t have to sell anything or buy anything to make money from us.

11. To be in the Top 10 Affiliates of your network how much Revenue would you have to bring in a month?
Again, we don’t publicly share any partner specific numbers.

12. What was your hottest offer across your network for 2007?
It constantly changes. Free courses, ebooks, and software always do well. With that being said, we’re adding new offers every day so it’s hard to forecast what will perform best in 2008
13. What will be hot in your network for 2008?
See above.

14. What conferences do you usually have a booth at?
RevResponse just started a few months ago but you can plan on seeing us at all of the normal industry events this fall.

15. Give one reason why EVERY Affiliate out there should join and be a part of your network?
  Because we pay publishers to give their audience free business resources related to their profession.

 So if you aren’t signed up with Revresponse and giving away magazines and getting paid for it you are missing out.