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Ringtones Myspace Trends

5 People Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on May 30, 2007 in Affiliate Tips, Google, Ringtones  

With affiliate Marketing and online marketing you come to watch trends to see whats hot and whats not. Before I run an offer i always search on Google Trends for the targeted terms just to see whats going on in the world of search. I look to see if it is holding steady, gaining ground or taking a nose dive. This helps me gage if i want to pour a little or a lot of dough into the project. I was just playing around and was checking out a few intersting trends.


Ringtones Trend

As you can see volume wise ringtones were big in 2004 and 2005 and even into 2006 but has steadily dropped off. Overall what does that mean less people are searching for ringtones. Overall it means if you are only banking on Ringtones for you online income you should be looking elsewhere. I always say diversify just like with stocks. Uou never know when a hot niche will dry up or the cat will be out of the bag for your loss of huge profits.


myspace trend

As you can see and as everyone knows Myspace had a huge year in 2006 and continues to grow in 2007. But i have to ask the question of how many myspace accounts that are beign created now are done by marketers trying to bulletin and message spam the users. With the huge volume doesnt always mean huge profits as most people that have tried myspace you have to get large volume to make a buck.

With that said the real point fo the post is to utilize tools that are out there. Check out trends, see whats hot in the news, whats taking off, whats making a nose dive. Keep a pulse of what people are searching for find a way to market to them that isn’t the same hum drum way and you can turn it into big profits.

CPA News You Can Use, Easy Submits Email and Zips, Ringtones

6 People Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on March 6, 2007 in Affiliate Networks, Affiliate Tips, Ringtones  

At CPA Affiliates we try to provide up-to-date information and news you can use. This week has had a few interesting happenings in the world of CPA networks and Promotions.

First off, up and Coming CPA Network Millnic Media is having a Mad Money March for Easy Submits. So if you do volume on Email or Zip submits you may want to check them out. I have tried Millnic Media and will be posting a review of them in upcoming weeks. So far I can say they are a hands on affiliate network and can be reached just about any hour of the day. I can also vouch that they pay and pay fast. If you do $1,000 in a week they will pay you weekly and will pay you by Wire, Check or Paypal. The money usually hits your account every Thursday if not Wednesday. Below are the details on Millnic Media Mad Money March.

Starting at 12:01 AM Eastern Time on Thursday March 1st 2007 and running until midnight and Wednesday March 14th 2007, we invite you to slam the following offers until they go crying home to their Momma’s.
[Total Combined Leads across all campaigns]
If your total combined numbers for those days
0-500 Payout = $1.30
501-1000 Payout = $1.35
1001-3000 Payout = $1.40
3001-10000 payout = $1.45
10001-25000 payout = $1.50
25001-50000 Payout =$1.55
50001+ Total Combined leads for that 10 day span = $1.60 payouts! 

On To Ringtones. If you have noticed lately that there have been a lot of posts on ringtones volume going down. Well it is in general people are searching less for “ringtones” (but are they just searching for more specific ringtones (IE Fergie Glamorous Ringtone) and less general ringtones……), but this is also do to the after Christmas, presummer slump. With that being said there are some new ringtone offers coming out lately not for the US but for other countries. The payout is less but to advertise in these countries it is DIRT CHEAP! Azoogle has Ringtone offers for various countries available:

Brazilian Ringtones

Indonesian Ringtones

Spain Ringtones

Australian Ringtones

(UK Ringtones & German Ringtones but these have been around)

So If you have tried or haven’t tried ringtones in the US, you may want to try other countries ringtones while the competition is LOW.

High Pay-Per-Click Bids does always not mean High profits

5 People Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on February 26, 2007 in Affiliate Tips, Google Adwords, Ringtones  

I was asked recently what my high bid was for Ringtones PPC campaigns and I gave an honest answer of .75 per click is my highest bid. The guy was like great ran off and started a PPC campaign on Google Adwords before I could say anything else he was logged off of aim. Well for him I hope he is reading this post, as I stated my highest bid for PPC in ringtones is .75 BUT majority of my bids are less than .20.

Remember my PPC bids are from information and ROI statistics from this past year of promoting ringtones. So I know for each target audience I got after what my return is and what I should bid. People should not be asking what is your highest or even lowest bid is they should look at their own campaigns and their ad placement.

I have found the sweet spots to be in top 3 or bottom 3 with the middle spots giving the lowest return. It is as if they do not even see them or the people that do are just clickers and not a buyer. Note this may not be true for ALL campaigns but I have found this to be true on 97% of my campaigns.

So take the time and look at your placements as I have had some campaigns I was sitting in position 6 and was getting poor returns but did not want to up my bid, as the jump was drastic so I lowered my bid. The results were great, I was showing at position 10 and the ROI was way up. The great thing is I was getting the same amount of clicks as when I was in 6 position but paying less and getting an increased return.

So next time you go to cancel your PPC campaign try lowering your bids and see what the results will bring. They may just surprise you!

Ringtones the Big Money or the Big disappointment

3 People Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on October 23, 2006 in Affiliate Information, Affiliate Tips, Ringtones  

Many people ask in forums or in replies to blogs what is the deal with ringtone market as of late? Is it saturated? Is the money maker ending? Are Ringtones conversions decreasing? What is the best CPA network to use to promote ringtone offers from? I will try to answer a few of these questions today.
Is the Ringtone market saturated?
Yes and No is my answer. I feel it has reached a saturation point of the effect that everyone can make a buck it takes more work than it did 6 months ago heck even a month ago. The reason I say no is there is always room for new promotions ideas and unique was to promote ringtones. But doing the same old same old is going to get you break even if you lucky.
Is the Ringtone Cash Machine ending?
Well of course…… eventually it will end but as with anything it will have a cycle. That may mean it remains a good market for the next year or it could be 5 years. I have a feeling we will see this market stick around for a while.
Are Ringtone Conversions Decreasing?
This answer will vary as sometimes it is a reporting or tracking issue but par of it also has to do with saturation of the market. As with any ad you see it enough you start ignoring it even the GREAT ads. I wouldn’t be surprised to help increase the conversion CPA networks start changing the creatives more often to give the offers a fresh a new look.
What CPA network is the best one to Promote ringtones from?
Which ever one pays the most and converts the best. If it pays the most and doesn’t convert, the high payout does you no good whatsoever. So try different networks (Top 5 CPA Networks) and try different offers. I will say that my top 2 ringtone networks are Maxbounty and Azoogle. Both have a variety of offers and payouts and they both have offers that convert well. If you are going after the pot of gold Maxbounty has the highest base Pay ringtone offer that pays 13.90 per signup for mobilesidewalk.
Lastly, I will discuss the frustration. Yes frustration with ringtone offers. As one day you may have rockin converts and the next day they may suck. My word of advice is try to capitalize on a new and emerging market as you could be the next one to hit it big for loans, scholarships, sweepstakes, diet products etc… instead of trying to get in on a market that has tons of competition.
If you have any feedback or questions feel free to leave a comment. If you liked the article feel free to give it a digg or plug from any one of the social book marking links below.