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Yahoo Minimum bid change, what were they thinking?

9 People Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on April 20, 2008 in PPC, Yahoo Search Marketing  

So Yahoo has started rolling out there new minimum bid setup, which most people were hoping this would enable people to bid less than .10 on keywords… I have yet to see them, now i do have some keywords i bid .10 and pay less per click, but i have seen many keywords inflate to crazy amounts for a minimum bid. Expecting me to pay over .50 minimum bid on a term that is only worth .10 to me. While i understand its a new system and there will be things changing but I personnally only see one thing happening due to it, people advertising less thru YSM and people putting more money into MSN and Google. While Google’s quality score is annoying at times you aren’t going to be asked for a crazy amount if your site is an authority on a subject.  What is your take on the new YSM change?

Googles Competition Joining Forces?

4 People Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on February 1, 2008 in MSN Search, Yahoo Search Marketing  

“Microsoft Corp has made an unsolicited offer to buy Yahoo Inc for $44.6 billion in cash and stock, seeking to join forces against Google Inc in what would be the biggest Internet deal since the Time Warner-AOL merger.”

You can read the full article here

So Microsoft is trying to buy more market share. Smart move on their part in my opinion.  To really compete with the big G this buyout will have to occur or Y! will have to make a counter offer to buyout MSN search side (not that likely IMO).

“Microsoft said it had offered to buy Yahoo for $31 per share, which it said represented a 62 percent premium above the company’s closing stock price on Nasdaq on Thursday.” 

 Good news for those stock holders that took the dip earlier this week….  What will come of this only time will tell but honest i hope it happens and they take the best part of Y and MSN and make them into a powerhouse search!

What do you think?

Yahoo Search Marketing Christmas Gift 2008 – Laptop Case

10 People Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on December 18, 2007 in Yahoo Search Marketing  

The UPS man dropped off a package today and to my delight it was from Yahoo Search Marketing. It is this years Christmas gift from Yahoo Search Marketing which is a slick looking Laptop Case. I really like the laptop case and it will get a good bit of use from me.  

Pictures of the Yahoo Search Marketing Christmas Gift 2008 – Laptop Case

Yahoo Search Marketing Christmas Gift 2008 A Laptop Case

Laptop Case Open

Yahoo Search Marketing Christmas Gift 2008 Laptop Case Open

Thanks Yahoo Search Marketing!

Yahoo Search Marketing Courtesy Call and My Thoughts

5 People Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on September 24, 2007 in PPC, Yahoo Search Marketing  

I received an interesting call from Yahoo Search Marketing to talk about their “Quality Pricing”. What is interesting is they have no idea what kind of leads or revenue i am producing from an ad but yet they are some how Quality pricing the ads i am paying for based on where they come from. To my surprise without the quality pricing over the past week I would have spent more than 698 and some change on top of what my account showed. While I found this interesting, what was more concerning to me is I brought up that I am US target based but yet I still at times get more than 25% from foreign countries. From there the call went south as she doesn’t deal with that and gave me the generic we are working on it. I would think it is MUCH harder to try to guage a quality of source traffic than it is to just block foriegn traffic.

My overall thoughts to Yahoo Search Marketing:

1. Thanks for the courtesy call to let me know I would have spent more had they not introduce this “quality” system.
2. Thanks for the money back over this past month (X,XXX.XX) due to the foreign traffic you are sending me. (I had to file a click fraud report to receive the credit but well worth the time)
3. Common YSM country targeting isn’t that hard other Search Engines do it much better, even some third tier.
4. Get rid of minimum .10 bid some of the traffic isn’t even worth a few pennies let alone 10 cents.
5. Don’t just follow what Google does be proactive and make a HUGE difference in the Search engine world and you will capitalize more searchers.

That’s all i can think of now. What are yall thoughts… what can Yahoo change?

Why Not Tracking Your Campaigns can Cost you Money!

6 People Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on August 22, 2007 in Affiliate Tips, PPC, Yahoo Search Marketing  

You can read everywhere that people suggest you track you campaigns and statistics, even on this blog. Meaning not relying on Google, Yahoo, Msn or other networks to rely on them to send you just the country or target traffic you are paying for.  There are many programs out there that you can pay for that will track the IP’s of your visitors and be able to tag to a certain campaign, or you can have one built. I personally had one built for me as the ones out there worked but I couldn’t get the information I wanted or get it in the way I wanted it. Yes this cost me a decent penny to get this tracking program built, but it has paid for itself already several times over.
Take this example. I am running a campaign on yahoo search marketing and I was checking my program stats and noticed that I was seeing a lot of traffic from foreign countries and my whole account is set to US only.  So I dig thru my stats for Aug 1 thru 13 and find that anywhere from 10 to 25% is from foreign countries.  So I log into my Yahoo search marketing account and contact them letting them know what I am seeing and attach a report for just one of the days and state that I am seeing this on all days Aug 1 thru 13. A day later I get an email stating it has been escalated to their click fraud department and I should get an email in a few days. Two days later I get this email:

Our investigation concluded that your account experienced one or more occurrences of the following situations:

?        Unusual end user activity or behavior
?        System issues

As a result, we have issued an adjustment to your account in the amount of $X,XXX.XX. This adjustment should post to your account within three to four business days. You can view your billing history through the Reports section of your account by selecting the Billing Transaction Detail Report.

To protect the integrity of our systems, we unfortunately cannot provide you with the specific details associated with the identified pattern of behavior. We want to assure you that we are always working to improve the quality of the traffic delivered to advertisers and as such we are taking the appropriate steps to help prevent these types of activity from occurring again in the future. Our sophisticated Click Protection System runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is designed to prevent advertisers from being charged for certain clicks. However, there may be instances, such as this one, where we make additional adjustments to your account.

As you can see they don’t come out and say we agree with you that you received foreign traffic, they did offer me a nice credit. With that said I was making a profit on the campaign even with this amount of foreign traffic being sent. So the credit is just icing on the cake, but this is something that is deserved by me as I am paying for US traffic not foreign traffic. This is just one example of why you need to track your campaigns by a third party software that tracks IP addresses etc. to monitor it for foreign traffic or even click fraud that you are billed for.  One other instance you can read about is from PepperJam Search and their $10,000 “Goodwill Credit” .

Microsoft to Buy Yahoo

5 People Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on May 4, 2007 in MSN Search, Yahoo Search Marketing  

Could this be a big merger brewing…. Is it true will Microsoft buy out yahoo. Well the rumors are floating and are indicating that just may happen. Not a complete buyout but Microsoft would become a big enough holder of their stock to possibly merge or take what is working for Yahoo and apply it to MSN search and vice versa…. Here is a quote from Money.cnn. com

Members of the company’s top management are considering a deal despite Microsoft’s history of winning over major technology markets – think Web browsers – on its own, The Wall Street Journal said. Microsoft has tried to compete in the burgeoning online search and Web advertising categories on its own but made little progress as Google has made massive gains as the industry leader, according to the story.

Microsoft executives hope that Yahoo’s strength in search and advertising categories would give the company a stronger foothold on the Web, the report said. So far, millions of dollars invested in search-engine technology and online ad systems have yielded little in the way of revenue or market share for the company, according to the Journal. 

What could this mean for affiliates / advertisers… Well the only bad part is neither of them have a good system for Quick approval as with Yahoo your keywords that may have trademark or possible adult tags may sit for days before approved or declined (usually the later)… and MSN still needs to improve on their turn around time for approval. The one good thing is maybe Yahoo would allow you to import 10,000 keywords into on Campaign. This is some interesting news and I will be watching to see if MSN will buy the stake in Yahoo or not.  What are your thoughts?

CPA Affiliate News You Can Use, Reasons For Landing Pages, Auction Ads, Yahoo Search Marketing

6 People Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on March 15, 2007 in Affiliate Tips, PPC, Yahoo Search Marketing  

At CPA Affiliates we try to provide up-to-date information and news you can use. This week has had a few interesting happenings in the world of CPA networks and tips for your promotions.

First, Many people ask why do you need to use a landing page? Well instead of rehashing it here on my blog I am going to point you over to as he recently made a post titled When to Make an Landing Page – Affiliate FAQ. In that post he points on the best reasons for making a landing page which include Stats, Geotargeting, Targeting the Offer to specific audiences, and of course to boost Quality Score. You can read all the details in his post.

Auction Ads another option for Marketers to make a buck! Basically instead of having to signup for CJ, then signup for Ebay, then go to Ebay to setup your ad etc… bascially just go to Auction Ads Signup and once approved choose the keywords for Ebay auctions you want to target, choose colors of your ad etc.. then click get code, paste it into your site then watch the money roll in. What makes Auction Ads so good? The main thing is they make it EASY to customize the look and feel of the Ebay Ads. This is great as before you had to be a good programmer or just live with Ebays templates. What website couldn’t make money from this as you can target any niche, group for stuff on ebay. If your interested click here to Signup for Auction Ads. (if you scroll down on the right I have put up an example of auction ads with it targeting laptops)

Yahoo Search Marketing is a blessing and a curse. They keep updating their system to make it look/feel better but it appears they are just more blindly following Google. I wanted to gives those running in YSM a tip as it states when you input keywords to only put 50, what they don’t tell you is you can do up to 500 and it will accept them. If you put in over 500 you will get a message. So you don’t have to take hours to upload your keywords only half hours. I wish they would implement an easier way to bulk upload besides emailing them and asking them to upload the keywords (which they will do). But for now stick 500 in at a time.