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An Affiliate Network that gets it!

1 Person Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on September 21, 2010 in Affiliate Information, Affiliate Networks, CPA Networks  

I don’t know about you but I get tired of the same run around from every network… “we have the best/exclusive offers”, “the best payouts”, “best affiliate managers”, etc…
If you are looking for an affiliate network that is different then you should check out the Escalate Media Affiliate Network.

High-paying, brand name affiliate offers for Women bloggers and women’s oriented publishers. You’ll earn more from your web site with our responsive affiliate managers and hands-on approach. Join the Escalate Network today.

5 Reasons You Should Join Escalate Network

1. They have REAL name brand offers. I am not talking about sign up to get a $500 Gift card at retailer X. But truly name brand offers like sign up to get a coupon for free appetizer at food chain X (Sorry I can’t use the brand names but trust me you have eaten there) or sign up to get email alerts of new sales or discounts at a Large retailer (Again i cant use the brand name). Plus some of the best Free sample, Coupons, and survey offers around!
2. The Affiliate Managers are really responsive… Not 48 hours later responsive but many times you get an email back within minutes!!!
3. Great payouts…. I am not going to make myself a liar and state that they always have the top payout but they always strive to have the top payout for all the offers they run (Usually they do :) ).
4. Quick payouts! They pay Net 7 -15 meaning you make 500 in August you get paid by September 15th. If you choose to be paid via paypal you get it by the 7th!
5. They truly have unique offers that other networks don’t have. If you are in the coupon, survey, freebies, samples, frugal or deal space you should Join Escalate Network as they have exclusive offers that no other networks have!

Start Earning more with Escalate Network Today!

Not Your Average Affiliate Network

8 People Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on August 28, 2009 in Affiliate Networks, Revresponse  

As you all know there are many Affiliate networks out there that are just the same thing rehashed, all pushing rebills, diet, teeth whitening, and email/zip submit at you with every email that you recieve from them. Well if you are looking for something different you should check out RevResponse as they don’t even push those types of offers, they pay you to give away magazines and white papers! For Every qualified lead you can earn $1.50 – $20.00 Per Lead for signing up for a free magazine or white paper! With RevResponse, every corner of the online world becomes a potential revenue source and they give you the tools to make it happen.

They make it easy to promote via links, banner ads, but also allow you to customize every aspect of it using there ad wizard:
You can choose the size, the color, and even the types of magazines you want to show. They even have a newsletter wizard if you want to send an email blast of hot magazine offers. It doesn’t stop there, they will even do a cobrand of you site, so that it seems like a seemless transition from your site to the Revresponse site. (an Example

Here are the top 10 ways to make money with RevResponse:

1. Monetize Your Blog Posts
2. Cash In On Your Site Content
3. Drive Traffic To Your Co-branded Content Resource Center
4. Promote With E-Newsletter Inclusions
5. Optimize Your Opt-in Mailing List
6. Monetize Your Site Communications
7. Leverage Your Social Networking Sites
8. Create Promotions Using RevResponse RSS Feeds
9. Place An Ad Widget On Your Site
10. Refer New RevResponse Partners (You earn 20% on all commision earned for 6 months)

One other thing i love that RevResponse does is they really engage their affiliates with surveys, contests and are always just an email away from helping you find ways to promote magazines via your sites, newsletters or even via social media.

They have magazine for every industry, so don’t wait signup for RevResponse and start making money today!

Tatto Media Week 2

4 People Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on August 13, 2009 in Affiliate Networks  

As you all know last week i made a post about Tatto Media. This week i am doing a followup as to what i think after another week. I continue to play with there custom stats reporting i really like the flexibility. I like that the Account Managers really try to work with you to find what will work. Digging thru there offers you will find many uniqe and high paying offers but you will find some offers that you can find on other networks, but for most Tatto Media pays a base higher. Some of there hot offers on there Network are some email submits like 1000 Walmart Gift Card, 3G iphone. They have great offers from entertainment, to education to health. If you don’t know this Tatto Media is one of the best places to go for exclusive Mobile offers, so if you are pushing mobile and havent checked them out you should.

Overall 2 weeks into it this network has a big possibility of me continuing to drive traffic to there offers for Years to come. Thats saying something as many networks i go and cherry pick an offer and just run that with them but when you can find a network with multiple offers you can push with good payouts you want to build a good relationship with them for the long term! Signup for Tatto Media.

Tatto Media: An Affiliate network trying to leave its mark.

19 People Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on August 6, 2009 in Affiliate Networks  

I am sure there are plenty of you that have heard about Tatto Media and some that haven’t. I am going to give you a inside peak at Tatto Media and why you should check them out.
Tatto Media
One of the first things i look at once i am signed up is the payout that the Affiliate network gives as a base pay. Below is a quick snapshot:

As you can see even there base payouts are nice $2.00 for email submit, not many networks i know of are going to give you $2.00 to start. Some won’t even come close to that if you are a top performer. So this was a good sign in my book. There interface to pull creative was nice (not the best i have seen) but not bad for a new network out the gate as some i have checked out it takes 5 minutes to pull creative and 20 clicks. Not here just click the offer and copy and paste your link or image and link code.
They make it easy for you to pull the reports you want (not just the reports they offer generically) see screen below as to how customized you can make the report.
custom reports
Next i always look for good communication with the company and myself. Not just feeding me the same junk as everyone else but willing to work with me to help produce real earnings and with Tatto Media I wasn’t dissappointed. While Tatto is still a network that is new once you signup you feel like it is one that has been around for years. If you aren’t an affiliate with them you should give them a try. Everybody is different if you don’t like them don’t use them, but if you don’t signup and test them out you could be leaving some BIG $$$$$$$ on the table.

How Not to Encourage Affiliates to Promote your product – Affiliate Networks

9 People Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on June 2, 2009 in Affiliate Networks, Affiliate Tips  

The title says it all i will be discussing Affiliate Networks and How Not to Encourage Affiliates to Promote your product. Many time i get emails from affiliate networks, companies directly that just make no sense and don’t encourage the affiliate to promote your product. So here are some tips to those people / Affiliate Networks of what not to do.

1. Don’t email your affiliates every other day with same offers or same useless information. Provide some good insight, provide a highlight of a good offer. An email stating here is top performing offers doesn’t cut it (when those same 10 offers are there week in week out).

2. Don’t Pester your affiliates asking why they aren’t running offers with you. While i agree with the email asking me hey i noticed you dropped revenue or hey i see you have promoted anything with us in a while and open dialogue. But don’t blast me email as say hey Acai is rocking right now you should be promoting it… DUH even my Grandma knows this… try to pull me back in with usefull information. Offer me a top payout or access to exclusive offer to get me going…

3. You Network only rehashes other offers. Meaning you don’t have any exclusives and i can find all your offers at better payouts elsewhere. This one kills me as i get pestered by new networks all the time… Signup we have best payout only to get there offers and they are half what i get now.

4. Ignore your affiliates. In affiliate marketing we move at 100 miles per hour daily… take the time to reach out to us, ask us how things are going and if there is anything you can do to help get some revenue going. IF i say no i am busy leave it at that… don’t contact me again the next day wait a week or two.

5. Do not send an email stating you haven’t been active lately with our program so we are going to cancel you unless you drive some revenue. While i understand cleaning house and getting read of dead weight affiliates. But maybe i am ramping up promotions and right before i blast it out i get dropped… this is poor in my opinion. Instead they should send out an email we are cleaning house and notice you haven’t done and revenue, do you plan to do any revenue with us soon? Is there anything we can do to help get revenue going? Not drive revenue or we will drop you. Give them reason to communicate back with you. As keeping my name and email on file can’t be bogging them down.

6. Don’t Work with your affiliates. So many networks just don’t wheel and deal and this business is all about wheeling and dealing. If i ask for a bump you better come back with SOMETHING even if its a nickel don’t tell me there is no room whatsoever.. to me that says you aren’t looking to build a relationship and aren’t willing to cut into your margins, I would rather you promote with a company that is willing to work.

7. Don’t Pay on time…. Yes this is sad but it happens all the time companies saying they are NEt 30 and i get paid net 60 etc.. while this doesn’t happen anymore as i don’t use them but pay when you say you are going to pay and if for some reason you are behind notify your affiliates and try to make it up to them fedex the check etc.. luckily most networks do Direct deposit now… but even then make sure those transfers are on time whether weekly. bi-weekly or monthly.

8. Don’t encourage affiliates. If you have an affiliate driving serious revenue don’t leave it up to just your rewards program or referal program.. Send them Tshirt, Macbook, flip video… something to show them they are improtant to the network. Some companies get this and some don’t. While affiliates work for the paper they bonuses or extra things are nice and VERY much appreciated.

How Not to Encourage Affiliates to Promote your product – Affiliate Networks. Hopefully companies and Networks will learn from this and in the end we all win!

Don’t let your Affiliate Network hold you back.

5 People Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on May 21, 2009 in Affiliate Networks, Affiliate Tips  

Many times i hear from affiliates asking about loyalty to affiliate networks and about getting the most bang for the buck. I have always felt this is a business, this isn’t a friendship so you go after the money. While I always give my top network the opportunity to keep me but if they aren’t the network with the offer direct i can get paid more elsewhere. Of course the ultimate solution is working directly with the merchant and making things work.  I have even had affiliate managers try to make me feel bad for running the same offer else where, i just remind them its a business if they can match the payout or beat it i am back, usually i give them an opportunity to match or beat the payout before i jump ship. Just remember you do need to have connections with your affiliate networks and you need to build a relationship with them so you can gain access to exclusive or limited trial offers so there is a fine balance. But always keep in mind this is a business. There are tools out there, that can help you know what other affilaite networks are paying but those are the networks base pay, which ultimately doesn’t mean much as networks have anywhere from 5 to 50% margin to work with.  With all that said Don’t let your Affiliate Network hold you back this is business.

Give Away Magazines and Get Paid!

3 People Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on August 29, 2008 in Affiliate Networks, Revresponse  

 One of the best affiliate offer that are out there are ones that are truely free. Revresponse does this and it has worked great for me for years. So the next CPA Network up on the Interview list is the Revresponse.

1.How many offers does your network have?
900+ offers (magazines, white papers, downloads, podcasts, etc) and we’re adding more every day.

2. What is the Average Payout of all your offers?
There is no “average” we pay a minimum of $1.50 per qualified subscription and up to $20. This varies per offer.

3. What is your highest Paying offer and how much?
We don’t disclose the payouts for each offer. We prefer that our partners match the offers with their audience based on the topic not the payout. We don’t want them to chase the highest paying lead if they won’t be able to attain it. The highest payout available is around $20.

4. How much a month does your average affiliate earn?
We don’t disclose this data. Our partners range from those that have very small audiences to those that are recognized top destination sites generating millions of impressions on a daily basis. Because of this disparity, it’s not fair to quote an average payout without understanding the context and size of a specific publisher.

5. Do you have a rewards program (If Yes What Rewards do affiliates receive?)?
We have different contests each month where we reward our partners for various efforts. This month we rewarded each partner who blogged about RevResponse with $50. Other months we have revenue generation contests where we reward them for beating their previous earnings, etc.

6. Do you offer second tier/referral commission (If Yes what payout or percent and for how long?)?
Yes! Our referral program compensates publishers on every new publisher they can get to join RevResponse. They are paid 20% of the referral partner’s earnings for the first 6 months of their partnership.

7. What are your payment terms?
We pay on a Net 45 schedule after a partner reaches a minimum earning of $50. All partners have the choice to be paid via check or via PayPal Mass Pay. If you haven’t heard, we’re the only network paying via PayPal Mass Pay…Mass Pay allows us to eat the costs typically incurred by the publishers.

8. Do you offer Special terms for big earners?
Yes. We monitor every publisher closely and gladly reach out to reward publishers for their strong earning potential/activity.

9. What does it take to get weekly payments (if you offer it)?
We don’t offer weekly payments at this time.

10. What makes your CPA network stand out from the rest?
We pay partners to give away valuable resources for free. Partners don’t have to sell anything or buy anything to make money from us.

11. To be in the Top 10 Affiliates of your network how much Revenue would you have to bring in a month?
Again, we don’t publicly share any partner specific numbers.

12. What was your hottest offer across your network for 2007?
It constantly changes. Free courses, ebooks, and software always do well. With that being said, we’re adding new offers every day so it’s hard to forecast what will perform best in 2008
13. What will be hot in your network for 2008?
See above.

14. What conferences do you usually have a booth at?
RevResponse just started a few months ago but you can plan on seeing us at all of the normal industry events this fall.

15. Give one reason why EVERY Affiliate out there should join and be a part of your network?
  Because we pay publishers to give their audience free business resources related to their profession.

 So if you aren’t signed up with Revresponse and giving away magazines and getting paid for it you are missing out.

ClickBooth Network Interview

9 People Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on July 9, 2008 in Affiliate Networks, Clickbooth  

The next CPA Network up on the Interview list is the Clickbooth.

1. How many offers does your network have?
Clickbooth has over 4,000 offers, including over 450 true exclusives.  We are Agency of Record for the industries top campaigns and our advertising representatives work closely with our advertisers to optimize campaigns on a daily basis, creating the best converting offers available.

2. What is the Average Payout of all your offers?
Clickbooth offers the highest payouts across the industry with no hassles.  Our payouts range from $2 for an email submit to $200 for a sale offer.

3. What is your highest Paying offer and how much?
Since Clickbooth does have the highest payouts in the industry, we focus on eCPM’s to ensure that you are always running the campaigns that will make you the most money.

4. How much a month does your average affiliate earn?
With over 20,000 active affiliates on our network, we have a wide range in earning potential.  Our affiliates earnings range from $100 per month all the way up to $2million per month.

5. Do you have a rewards program (If Yes What Rewards do affiliates receive?)?
Clickbooth does have a rewards program.  We offer our affiliates American Express giftcards based on their monthly earnings.  Clickbooth was the first network to allow affiliates to rollover their rewards from month to month.  We also offer double rewards points for our exclusive publishers.

6. Do you offer second tier/referral commission (If Yes what payout or percent and for how long?)?
Clickbooth does have an affiliate referral program.  We offer our affiliates $10 for every new affiliate they refer along with 2% of the new affiliates commision for life.  Why do we ‘only’ offer 2% for referring other publishers? The answer is simple. We offer the guaranteed highest payouts, and, unlike a lot of other networks, we actually stand by this guarantee. In order to maintain the highest payouts, we cannot offer more than 2% because we take extremely slim margins on these campaigns. In fact, we are only breaking even on many campaigns. Nevertheless, this model has proven effective for many major corporations (Think Sam W.) and has been extremely effective for us as well over the years at Clickbooth. Plus your actually doing your friend a favor by referring them to our program, a program they will actually use and isn’t that what it’s all about looking out for friends.

7. What are your payment terms?
Our standard payment terms are net 15, though we do offer faster terms for our top affiliates.

8. Do you offer Special terms for big earners?
For our top earners Clickbooth does offer biweekly payements, as well as the option to be wired payments or receive ACH/direct deposit.

9. What does it take to get weekly payments (if you offer it)?
Clickbooth offers biweekly payments for affiliates earning a minimum of $5,000 per week and weekly payments for affiliates earning a minimum of $10,000 per week.

10. What makes your CPA network stand out from the rest?
• Expert Affiliate Managers- Clickbooth’s affiliate managers each specialize in a specific traffic type so they are industry experts
• Exclusive and AOR advertisers- Direct campaigns you can’t get anywhere else, when you get an offer from Clickbooth you are going direct
• Top Quality = Top Payouts- Ability to leverage our publisher’s superior quality for the highest advertiser payouts
• In-House Design Team-  In house designers allow us to offer unique creatives in any size
• Highest eCPMs- Make our affiliates the most money, and gives them the upperhand to outbid other publishers trying to compete in the same niche etc
• No caps- no worries
• Objective system– Affiliate specialists that only push proven offers that will make you money

11. To be in the Top 10 Affiliates of your network how much Revenue would you have to bring in a month?
Our top affiliates are making over $2 million per month.

12. What was your hottest offer across your network for 2007?
Thanks to our relationships with our advertisers, Clickbooth has the hottest offers available across every vertical.  This offers all of our affiliates the opportunity to be running the hottest offers in the industry, no matter what vertical they are interested in.

13. What will be hot in your network for 2008?
Clickbooth has already had a groundbreaking year in terms of advertiser growth and has several more industry leading campaigns in the pipeline.  We average about 200 new offers going live a month!

14. What conferences do you usually have a booth at?
Just within the last year Clickbooth has exhibited at/plan to exhibit at:
• adTech- San Fransisco and New York
• Affiliate Summit- East and West
• OMMA- New York and Hollywood
• DMA Days- New York
• Pub Con
• Email Authentification Summit
• And we are always adding more

15. Give one reason why EVERY Affiliate out there should join and be a part of your network?
As you can see from question 10, Clickbooth was founded with the best interests of both our advertisers and affiliates in mind.  We value our relationships with our advertisers and affiliates and built our network to serve our partners better than anyone else in the industry can.  Clickbooth leads the pack in industry innovation and versatility and knows that our continued focus on these is the key to our future growth.  And last but not least, we are a relationship based company.  We truly value the relationships we have built up over the years with so many great people and companies across the globe.

If you aren’t using Clickbooth you should definitely check them out!

PepperJam Network Interview

1 Person Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on February 4, 2008 in Affiliate Networks, Pepperjam Network  

The next CPA Network up on the Interview list is the newly launched Pepperjam Network.

Why did you decide to start the Pepperjam Network?

For starters, we’ve been a recognized internet marketing services company since 1999 and we’ve built a pretty impressive client list –
One of the things we’ve always been known for is working with businesses to help recruit super affiliate and grow affiliate programs; at the same time, I have personally helped hundreds of affiliate marketers make more money with affiliate marketing.  With this in mind, launching a technology – Pepperjam Network – was a logical outgrowth of where we are going as a company.  Also, the idea was really to address some of the shortcomings found on other major networks, such as poor communication tools and lack of transparency.  More specifically, Pepperjam Network provides a technology called Pepperjam Chat, which allows affiliates and affiliate managers to chat in real-time while logged-in to Pepperjam Network – in effect, this empowers affiliates to be able to negotiate their own commission payouts with advertisers and also allows both advertisers and affiliates to build stronger partnerships and make more money.  We also created a system that measures affiliate and merchant transparency, which I talk more about below.  This allows advertisers to get to know their affiliates better and provides information to affiliates so that they have confidence that they are going to get paid and that the advertiser is a reliable partner.  So……it just made sense for us to launch Pepperjam Network because we know better than just about any other company of our size (about 105 employees) and experience what affiliates and advertisers need to be successful in affiliate marketing.

Who are your direct competitors companies like CJ, Shareasale or CPA networks like Azoogle, CPA Empire?
We are more of a hybrid traditional affiliate network (i.e., like CJ or Linkshare) and a CPA Network (like Azoogle or CPA Empire).  Since we had such a large client list from our existing marketing services business we were able to launch Pepperjam Network with over 100 advertisers, which is unheard of for a new network – because of special relationships we have with many of cliens, our offers can not be found on the other networks (see below for a sample.)  In addition, our payouts tend to be higher than the other networks and we have favorable payment terms (affiliates get paid every two weeks), while other major traditional networks like Commission Junction pay affiliates every month or so. We assume that affiliates are going to run offers from multiple networks, which is fine by us!  In fact, we have always been of the belief that if we provide affiliates with the necessary resources and tools to make money on Pepperjam Network, we don’t really have any competitors.  I think that is one of the distinct differences between partnering with Pepperjam Network versus partnering with others – we give you the tools and you can use them anywhere you want.

What are 1 or 2 things that you feel set the Pepperjam Network apart from the rest?

Without question, pepperjamADS.  Here’s the pepperjamADS Video Tutorial that we put together:

pepperjamADS is a really cool affiliate marketing widget that affiliates can use to monetize their Web traffic on a CPA basis.  The coolest thing about it is that the affiliate selects the ads they want the widget to display – the affiliate has complete control over whether they create a widget with ads from multiple Pepperjam Network advertisers or from any one advertiser.  For instance, if a blogger wanted to just create a widget with some of Pepperjam’s more popular blog-related advertisers….like SEO MOZ Premium, Text Link Ads, Pepperjam Network Referral Program, and ReviewMe, they can do that.  When the ad is delivered on the affiliates Web site it will include ads from the advertisers they select. At the same time, the affiliate can create a pepperjmADS widget from any one Pepperjam Network advertiser as well.
The other really cool think about Pepperjam Network is that it was built mostly using Web 2.0 technologies like AJAX.  Unlike the other major networks like Commission Junction and Linkshare, our entire interface is very easy to use and move around.  If you take a look at some of the reviews that were done on Pepperjam Network, most of the writers say that the coolest features of PJN are the fact that we have a very easy-to-use interface, excellent SID-level reporting (all AJAX based), cool communication technology, great advertisers, excellent customer support, and this amazing tool called pepperjamADS that helps affiliates monetize Web traffic like nothing else before it.  Promoting pepperjamADS and other PJN features might sound self-serving, but it is honestly what others are saying about Pepperjam Network.

As you know the #1 complaint from affiliates is the lack of transparency from networks, I know that Pepperjam network has a system in place to be more transparent. Can you tell me a Little bit about your “Transparency System”?
Yes. The idea is that the Pepperjam Network Transparency System was built to empower affiliates and advertisers to understand each other better so that both parties can build stronger partnerships and make more money.  It’s really a two-way-street for both affiliates and advertisers. Here’s an idea of how it works from the affiliate perspective – the transparency system is based on a proprietary algorithm (i.e., many factors are used to compute the score) and tends to favor affiliates that are open and honest with advertisers (i.e. contact info, promotional methods, etc.).  For instance, as a requisite to signing-up with Pepperjam Network we ask affiliates to share with advertisers what various promotional methods they use to drive traffic. For instance, the affiliate shares with the advertiser that they use PPC or SEO strategies, product feeds, coupons/ value propositions, loyalty, direct linking, etc. Based on this disclosure, along with other verification systems we have in place, the affiliate is given a transparency score. The PJN Transparency Rating System is based on a 1 – 5 point scale.  Affiliates with higher transparency ratings (i.e., 4′s or 5′s) automatically qualify for higher payouts with various advertisers on PJN – not bad, huh!!!!  Therefore, it is in the affiliates best interest to develop a high transparency rating.
The CPA Networks don’t have this type of system and as a result they tend to be the least transparent places for advertisers to place offers.  For many advertisers this is a major concern because large advertisers feel the need to protect their brand and make the affiliate marketing channel as transparent and understandable as possible.
While it may not seem so at first glance, the PJN transparency system isn’t really that complex and it actually empowers affiliates to make more money.  With a transparency rating in hand, affiliates are given the ability to separate from the crowd and strike exclusive payouts and work more closely with Pepperjam Network advertisers. The affiliate is treated more like a real business partner instead of an affiliate.  Super affiliates do not get lost in the crowd like they often do on other major networks. We believe that PJN’s system allows smaller affiliate marketers to become super affiliates, and for super affiliates to make more money.

What is PepperjamAds? How with this benefit the Affiliate Marketer?

pepperjamADS™ is an affiliate marketing widget that you can use to serve customized contextual ads from one or multiple Pepperjam Network advertisers at the same time. The ad units come in various shapes and sizes. You can mix and mash ads from any of your merchant partners. For instance, you can create a fashion widget by selecting various ads from multiple fashion merchants. Likewise, you can create a specific widget with ads from any one merchant. I talk more about it in the question above.

How Many offers does the PepperJam Network have?
We launched with about 100 offers.  We are adding new offers every day.  Since Pepperjam Network is a hybrid traditional affiliate network and CPA network we have a blend of both flat CPA payouts and percentage-of-sale payouts.  The cool thing is that with pepperjamADS you can actually create ad widgets containing advertisers with both payout models.

What is your Highest Paying Offer?
$45 or more for flat payout and up to 20% or so of the commission on a traditional percentage-of-sale payout.  We prefer offers that convert well for our affiliates, versus offers that seem good at first glance, but don’t convert.

Do you have an Exclusive offer(s) on the Pepperjam network that would make an affiliate join just for that offer(s)?
Absolutely! Here’s a sampling of some of the exlusive offers on Pepperjam Network: Jelly Belly, Donna Karan New York (DKNY), Oscar de la Renta, Ben Sherman, Dog the Bounty Hunter, SEO Moz Premium, Star Trek, Gino Green Global, Graffiti Pink, Jimy Hendrix Clothing, JustSweet by Jennifer Lopez, Samsung Parts, Shop Thirteen, Snooty Pets, World Globes, Aristabrat,,, AWMA, ClockStyle, Curvaceous Chic Woman,, DaVinci Clothing, English Laundry, Dog the Bounty Hunter, House of Dereon, Enyce, Fender,, Jewelry Armoire,, Judith Leiber, Just for Kix, Monsters HD, Luxury Spreads, Only Slippers, Phunk Fashion, Pioneer Linens, Bedroom Furniture Mart, DHP Home Delivery, Estella, Natural Health Pharmaceuticals, Prodigy Deals, Review Me, Text-Link-Ads, and many more.

Do you have a rewards program (If Yes What Rewards do affiliates receive?)?

We have a Pepperjam Network Affiliate Referral Program that pays up to $7 for every approved affiliate sent to Pepperjam Network.  This offer has really taken off, especially with bloggers who are using it to review and recommend Pepperjam Network. Others are just using it to fill available advertising inventory on their Web site.  Note also that affiliates can make their very own pepperjamADS widget containing ads for Pepperjam Network.  While our program doesn’t pay out a percentage of affiliate commissions, we are finding that our aggressive flat payout model is more lucrative. Think about it – you get paid every time you sign someone up – it doesn’t matter if the affiliates generates any commissions.  With the 95 / 5 rule in mind…meaning that 95% of affiliates sales are generated by less than 5% of affiliate marketers, the Pepperjam Network Referral Program can actually be much more lucrative than a percentage-of-commission model.

Do you offer second tier/referral commission (If Yes what payout or percent and for how long?)?
See answer above.  We believe that our model will make affiliates more money since affiliates get paid out no matter how much money their referral generates.

What are your payment terms?
Affiliates get paid every two weeks, just like Pepperjam Employees.  Once an affiliate is established on Pepperjam Network and has a track record of generating volume, we will move that super affiliate to just about any payment model they need to generate more volume.  Both US and International affiliates have the option of being paid via direct deposit / wire transfer and paper check.  We can also work with an affiliate that wants to be paid via PayPal or Google Checkout.

Do you offer Special terms for big earners?
Absolutely.  We can work with our largest publishers to deliver payment as quickly as our advertisers will allow.

What does it take to get weekly payments (if you offer it)?
The affiliate needs to develop a track record with Pepperjam Network and a transparency rating of 4 or 5.  If the affiliate doesn’t have a transparency rating that high we will work with them to get there.

What will be hot in your network for 2008?
Without question – pepperjamADS.  No other major affiliate network offers anything even close.  Also, I think the fact that we are more of a hybrid traditional affiliate network / CPA network makes us a must for any successful affiliate marketer.  It just so happens that we have dedicated account support for all affiliates.

What conferences do you usually have a booth at?

We are present at all the major affiliate, search, and media conferences, including Affiliate Summit, a4uexpo, Search-Engine Strategies, Ad-Tech, Internet Retailer, eTail, etc.  My VP of Marketing tells me that we are booked for about 22 conferences this year, almost two every month – I’ll probably speak at about 15 or so of those.  I also have a book coming out in April – so I’ll probably be traveling a bit with that.

Give one reason why EVERY Affiliate out there should join and be a part of your network?

Pepperjam Network was built over the course of several years and includes the insights and suggestions of hundreds of experienced affiliates (including you!) and advertisers. Pepperjam Network addresses some of the major shortcomings of other major networks and provides an easy-to-use, slick, Web 2.0 interface. Did I mention that others are calling pepperjamADS a great alternative to Google Ad

I have been using Pepperjam Network since it was in Beta and the more i use it the more i like. If you are an affiliate and haven’t signed up with Pepperjam Network yet you should.

CX Digital (Incentaclick) CPA Network Interview

9 People Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on January 17, 2008 in Affiliate Networks, CPA Networks, CX Digital  

The next CPA Network up on the Interview list is CX Digital formerly Incentaclick. 

1. How many offers does your network have?

We usually try to maintain a minimum of 300 offers on the network spread along various verticals and areas of interest – we also have private offers not public on the network that we reveal to specific publishers depending on the requests of our advertisers. 

2. What is the Average Payout of all your offers?

It ranges too much based on the offer type (ie email only vs. incentivizable CPA’s) our offers typically range from $1 – $50

3. What is your highest Paying offer and how much?

Discover card pays out to affiliates $64

4. How much a month does your average affiliate earn?

The average affiliate earns $10k / month – but its variable there are many reasons for mini fluctuations 

5.Do you have a rewards program (If Yes What Rewards do affiliates receive?)?

We have our own loyalty program its probably one of the best in the
industry. We have different tiers based on earnings where publishers canselect their own prizes from prize list that we provide online. We keep them quite current as well the points accumulate yearly so everyone has a chance to get the top tier prizes

6. Do you offer second tier/referral commission (If Yes what payout or percent and for how long?)?

Yes we pay 2% for ever merchant/affiliate you refer.
7.What are your payment terms?

We pay biweekly net 10

8.Do you offer Special terms for big earners?

Definitely we can pay out weekly or even daily depending on volume

9.What does it take to get weekly payments (if you offer it)?

10k min / week. Conditions may apply.

10. What makes your CPA network stand out from the rest?

We have a great team – everyone knows what they need to do and what it takes to get there.  It wasn’t that long ago that we were a smaller network – where we could give publishers more time and attention, you don’t usually get that from the bigger networks. But now that we have become one of the largest affiliate networks we still strive to maintain that level of detail with our publishers
11. To be in the Top 10 Affiliates of your network how much Revenue would you have to bring in a month?

150k / month and you will be in the top 10-15 range

12. What was your hottest offer across your network for 2007? -email and Xerox – for web and search

13.   What will be hot in your network for 2008?

Yet to be determined what looks good during Q1 may be get dwarfed by the happenings in Q4 We had no idea would be the winner for the network

14.   What conferences do you usually have a booth at?

Adtech’s – Aff summits – Ecom Expo – we had one a pub con this year as well

15.   Give one reason why EVERY Affiliate out there should join and be a part of your network?

We have a ton of offers and talented staff – We know our stuff and we can get you the answers, we hands down have the best reward program and without a doubt will help you get what you need. EPC’s not backing out we can give you options weather it’s our own in-house creative team etc.

I have been an affiliate for years with Incentaclick. They recently changed names to CX Digital and i started using them more. Due to the fact with the change over I received a new account manager that is more proactive than my previous AM. I would suggest you give CX Digital a try especially if you are promoting dating offers.

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