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High Pay-Per-Click Bids does always not mean High profits

5 People Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on February 26, 2007 in Affiliate Tips, Google Adwords, Ringtones  

I was asked recently what my high bid was for Ringtones PPC campaigns and I gave an honest answer of .75 per click is my highest bid. The guy was like great ran off and started a PPC campaign on Google Adwords before I could say anything else he was logged off of aim. Well for him I hope he is reading this post, as I stated my highest bid for PPC in ringtones is .75 BUT majority of my bids are less than .20.

Remember my PPC bids are from information and ROI statistics from this past year of promoting ringtones. So I know for each target audience I got after what my return is and what I should bid. People should not be asking what is your highest or even lowest bid is they should look at their own campaigns and their ad placement.

I have found the sweet spots to be in top 3 or bottom 3 with the middle spots giving the lowest return. It is as if they do not even see them or the people that do are just clickers and not a buyer. Note this may not be true for ALL campaigns but I have found this to be true on 97% of my campaigns.

So take the time and look at your placements as I have had some campaigns I was sitting in position 6 and was getting poor returns but did not want to up my bid, as the jump was drastic so I lowered my bid. The results were great, I was showing at position 10 and the ROI was way up. The great thing is I was getting the same amount of clicks as when I was in 6 position but paying less and getting an increased return.

So next time you go to cancel your PPC campaign try lowering your bids and see what the results will bring. They may just surprise you!

Adwords and Landing Page Only Sites

1 Person Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on February 16, 2007 in Google Adwords  

Since several months ago Google Adwords started updating the Quality Score system and sites / landing ages seem to get hit with the $5.00 and $10.00 bids. From emails and comments I am getting it appears Adwords made another round. Surprisingly I wasn’t really affected. Here are a few reasons why I am glad for the update and why I am frustrated by it.

I am glad for the update mainly because it knocked out some of my competition. This change has been coming and those just standing by and praying they don’t get hit by the QS system have noticed the system isn’t swayed by prayer. So in turn it has knocked out some of my competition, but I am sure some will be back with keyword stuffing, redirects and probably even some black hat methods to get back up in PPC.

I am frustrated by the update because in the past I have had target sites or landing pages providing people with what they were searching for and it got hit by the QS system. I mean if someone wants to buy a blue widget and I send them to a page for them to buy a blue widget and it converts well, why should I get hit with 5.00 bids. My CTR is great 10% or better, and I provide what the user wants. I think this is where Google is messing up. They are applying more blanket rules across the board when sometimes those blanket rules don’t need to be applied. 

So looking forward as a person promoting CPA offers you have to look into building more of a mini site or other techniques to trick the QS system. What are your thoughts on Adwords Quality Score System?

Google Adsense Video Distribution My Take

6 People Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on February 13, 2007 in Google Adsense  

We all have started seeing more and more video ads from Adsense. They are venturing more and more into video. I received and email a while back that they wanted me to help test out their Adsense Video Distribution. This isn’t the normal video ads that appear in your Adsense, these are actual channels that you choose and separate code. Last week I got the email that the testing is active and I can run video ads now for the next 4 weeks.   Here are my first thoughts on Google Adsense Distribution.

You setup the video channel similarly to the way you do Adsense code except you get to choose a channel and only have one size to choose form (300×250). The nice part is they allowed it to be your 4th ad block if you already had 3 up. You have the following video channels to choose from (New ones will be added):
Tower of Rock
Only Hits
Fresh Clips of the Week
Hip-Hop Hustle Video Channel
Pop Video Channel
Hip-Hop/R&B Channel
Epicurious Cooking Techniques Fashion Channel
LX.TV Lifestyle TV

I chose to run the Video channel on a site geared towards investing and Fresh Clips of the Week on some general sites. Just copied the code and put it in just like normal adsense. Below is what the ad looked like for Video Channel.

Google Video

I tested the videos performance within the adsense setup as it is against adsense TOS to click on your on ads. I was please with the performance of the videos as in playing and clarity. More and more people are having broadband and these video channels started as soon as you clicked. The video was clear and the audio was crisp. I did not experience any hiccups.

I had high hopes for good earnings especially with it being a test run. The earnings were so great after 3 days, I removed them ALL!  Yes you heard that correct they are no longer up on the sites. Maybe I have my sites so fine tuned to regular adsense that this medium didn’t perform well, but I doubt it. The per action for someone clicking on the video versus a regular adsense ad was pathetic. So I removed them all.

What sites this would be good for:
The only sites I think this avenue is good for is Myspace and Arcade type sites because most are earning so little off regular adsense this would be a step up and due to it being video and more people may click on it since it is different.

This is just my experiences if someone has had a different experience or the feel same about Google Adsense Video Distribution free to leave a comment.

Mini CPA Sites the New CPA Landing Page

7 People Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on February 11, 2007 in Affiliate Tips, CPA Affiliate Announcements  

Last month I ran a contest where i announced i was giving away a Google Digital Picture Frame (Read it Here). After reading all the entries I declared a winner, Dealasite. Below was Dealasite’s comment that contained some good information.

Instead of writing landing pages, I’ve been working on writing landing ’sites’. They’re like mini websites where I group similiar affiliate offers, all SEO optimized for ranking. My goal is to get these to rank in the serps, and after a few weeks, they’re actually doing it!

For example, maybe a site on Top Dating sites. Your index page can be an intro or summary of your top rankings with reviews/comments. A click on each dating offer could lead directly to that offer’s unique landing page.

Of course, all affiliate links should be cloaked and all landing pages should be seo optimized like or, etc.

You PPC campaigns can still target that 1 landing page like normal, but the advantages of tying all these pages together would be:

1) Lower bids by increased quality score because google or other search engines see an actual website (seo-optimized).

2) In a few weeks, actual indexing in the serps leading to free traffic. (I create some backlinks from my other sites to add weight)

This may be old news to everyone, but I though I’d throw it out, because all I hear people talking about is writing 1 landing page per domain with some little privacy and contact page thrown in.

With my mini-site method, it will be around forever and I’ll just keep rotating affiliate offers in and out as they come along.

While i don’t feel this will do away with just landing pages. I do feel this is more of a trend for PPC as it goes to more measuring technics to see if your ad and page is worthy. Dealasite I have sent you an email asking for your information as to where to send the Digital Picture Frame.

10 Things to do when you seem to hit a Wall in Affiliate Marketing

5 People Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on February 8, 2007 in Affiliate Tips  

As Affiliate Marketers we are always trying to come up with new ideas and new ways to promote offers and websites, but what happens when your well runs dry? Below is a list of 10 things I do when I hit a wall or I am frustrated with the results I am getting.

1. Turn Off the PC.
2. Go For a Walk
3. Hang Out with the Wife
4. Veg out in front of the TV
5. Blast some people away on Xbox Live (Ghost Recon & Rainbow Six Las Vegas)
6. Play Boxing on the Wii
7. Go Browse around Fry’s Electronics store
8. Read the Newspaper (Yes I know it’s so 2000 but still serves a purpose)
9. Take a Nap
10. Read a Book

No I don’t always do all of those things but those are 10 of the things I will do when I hit a wall and just can’t seem to come up with anything or I am getting frustrated with my results. I will say every time after a break, I do go back to my PC and work, I will start over flowing with ideas or an idea will hit me while I am doing one of the 10 things. Noticed I listed watching TV and Reading the paper, I have gotten several ideas spurred on from those two sources as you will read or see something and a light bulb will go off.
I hope this may help you when you hit a wall or maybe you have a few you can suggest?

Super Bowl Ads

1 Person Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on February 4, 2007 in Affiliate Tips, CPA Affiliate Announcements  

Well i decided to write about the Super Bowl Ads mainly due to the fact that i think most of them were sorry. I usually look forward to the ads during the game but lately they have been a big dissapointment.  Their was only a few of them that i even remotely found funny or entertaining; the blockbuster one before the game started with the animals clicking and scrolling with a real mouse, chevy car wash (funny in a wierd way), and the career builder ones….  Why am i writing about this on my blog?  Because a internet marketers we need to appeal to people and convience them to either visit our site, buy our product or signup for something. So here are a few tips.

1. Get People to your site.  Get People interested in your product, site or signup to your site. (targetted traffic, no use in sending a 1000 visitors interested in skiing to a hot rod site.)

2. Engage People on your site by visuals or unique content

3. Provide informative and usefull information about the product or signup.

4. Give Testimonials if possible.

5. (acutally this should be higher on your priority) if there is a way to make your site go viral or get a lot of buzz (social bookmarking etc..), utilize that with a stunt, video or giveaway.

6. Give them easy access to buy, sign up or revisit your site.

7. Make sure the actual singup/buy page is working and is just as engaging as your presell (nothing like a killer presell with a horrible buy page)

8. Test, Tweak, Test, Tweak.

9. If you can’t get it to work after many tries and can’t seem to get advice or tips from other people try another area, or try harder….   Sometimes it is the 100th try i get it right sometimes it’s the second…… but even when it is the second try their is always room for improvement.

10. When you find something that works try to repeat it in another area with tweaking of course.

You have any tips you want to share or want to give feedback about the super bowl ads…. just leave a comment.

February the Month of Love and Money

9 People Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on February 1, 2007 in Affiliate Tips  

Well of course everyone knows that February is the month of love due to Valentines Day, but it is also the month of money for many affiliate marketers. I know for me in January, I have been prepping for the start of February for targeted offers. What offers do you target for the month of February? Well honestly it is almost a no brainer but I will go into what offers I choose and why.

The first one is a dead giveaway….. Flower offers. Especially these days’ people are ordering more and more off the internet so why not get your cut? Many of the offers you can push people to will give them 5 or 10% off their order. Some of the flower companies have taken notice and even built alternative white label sites for you to promote to. Azoogle has a white label offer for FTD.

The second is giveaways. There are many simple email and zip offers that are “Valentines” giveaways. Some examples are Free Flowers, Free Tiffany’s Jewelry, and Victoria’s secret gift card.  These won’t make you as much per signup but you can get volume going.  From my initial test I have to say that Free Flowers offer will convert the best of the three from now until Feb 14th.

Lastly is the promotion of dating offers. With Valentines Day coming up people start looking for love and many are looking online.  Just about every CPA network out there has a dating offer. (While other networks have some different offers Azoogle’s Payout is hard to beat)  I have found the key with these offers is don’t go general, the best converting is targeting to groups. Find Networks that have offers that appeal to older people, Christians etc…  Then push to those audiences on adbrite or any of the top 3 Search Engines (MSN, Google, Yahoo).  I haven’t dealt much on 2nd or 3rd tier with dating, but I am sure you can make them work also.

As always test, test, test! If you have any suggestions or feedback feel free to leave us a comment.