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Monday Grind and a Big Push of Marketing

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Posted on April 30, 2007 in Working Online  

Well I had a Great weekend, money wise and fun wise as i went to Astros Game Saturday night and of course i feel my presence brought them out of a slump to win that game (they lost the last 6 prior). No I am on the Monday Grind… for whatever reason my mondays always start of slow. Usually i “take off” on monday’s due to this cause as i look at my stats and it drives me nuts… the crazy part is by the end of day everything is back to normal… maybe it’s all the people actually doing work on monday mornings….  and not surfing the internet. With that said I am going to make a big push in marketing over the next few weeks.

I am making the push mainly just because i can. I have been testing some campaigns making tweaks to landing pages, keywords, trying different methods of promotion etc… All this test and tweaking is proving worth while so now I am getting ready to make my push… why do i call it a big push well because i am not holding back i am going full force and driving strong as for past two weeks i have had things in coasting mode mainly because i needed a break from staring at spreadsheets and pie charts of my results.

Thats it for today….

Free Ticket & Room to Elite Retreat

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Posted on April 26, 2007 in Elite Retreat  

Want to go to Elite Retreat for Free, well here is your chance. Answer one of the 2 questions and your entered. It is that easy and that simple. The only catch is you have to pay for your travel expenses to get there. Check out the official details: 


WHEN: Starts on Thursday, April 26, 2007 and ends Friday, May 4, 2007

CONTEST RULES: We have decided to bring back the Elite Retreat Ticket Giveaway, but change it up a little. This time you will be able to choose between two questions. To enter for a chance to win free registration to the Elite Retreat, along with two nights free lodging and meals (breakfast & lunch) you will need to send an email to (contest(at)eliteretreat(dot)info). Please be sure to include your contact information, (name, email, address, phone number, and mailing address) and provide a stellar answer to ONE of the following questions:

A) What do you feel the future of affiliate marketing holds for affiliates?


B) What is the most powerful form of online advertising and why?

One lucky winner will be chosen from all responses submitted. Winner will receive one FREE Ticket to Elite Retreat – Orlando and two FREE nights lodging and meals (breakfast & lunch).

If you don’t want to press your luck and just want to submit your application to attend Elite Retreat please visit to sign-up.

DATE: June 8 – 9, 2007
PLACE: Hilton in the Walt Disney Resort, Orlando, Florida
PRINCIPAL SPEAKERS: Jeremy “Shoemoney” Schoemaker, President, Shoemoney Media Group (Online Monetization Expert); Lee Dodd, President, Earners Forum (Community / Forums Expert); Kristopher B. Jones, President, Pepperjam (Search-Engine / Affiliate Marketing Expert); Neil Patel, CTO, Pronet Advertising (Social Media Expert); David Adams, President, (CPA Expert).
KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Alex Zhardanovsky, Co-Founder, AzoogleAds

NOTE #1: If you fail to win the contest but sign-up before April 30, 2007 we will provide you with two FREE nights lodging (and meals) for Elite Retreat – Orlando. If you sign-up but win the contest we will happily return ALL your money.

NOTE #2: Tickets are selling fast – At this point we expect to sell-out within the next two weeks. We will only accept the 30 most qualified applications we receive, on a first-come, first-serve basis.

This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss so enter now!

You are having success with a CPA offer now what?

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Posted on April 24, 2007 in Affiliate Tips, PPC  

So you are having success with a CPA offer, now what? I received this question via my contact form so i decided to answer it.
Here are a few questions that go thru my mind when i have success with a CPA offer:

1. Am I reaching all of the audience i can (Meaning advertising on other advertising networks, sites etc)
2. A. Should I create a landing page If i am sending it directly to the offer page (will it increase conversions?)
B. Can i improve My landing page/site?
3. Should I bid more to capture more clicks? or Should i bid less and see if my conversions hold? (I usually test both)
4. If I am not already setup to promote via Natural Search Engine rankings, is the offer going to last and make it worth it to target natural rankings?
5. Is there a similar offer that i can promote the same ways?
6. Can i target another audience with this offer?
7. Try different Ad copy to see if i can get better click thru ratio.
8. Have I researched enough Keywords?

So there are a few questions and thoughts to get you going and moving on to making more with CPA offers.

I got Pinged by Shoemoney – What Magazines Do I Read?

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Posted on April 23, 2007 in CPA Affiliate Announcements, Working Online  

I got pinged by Shoemoney for the topic of What Magazines Do I Read?

Well I Read the Following magazines regularly:

Smart Money
Fast Company

Best thing of all is all the magazines I read I got 100% FREE I have never paid for a magazine subscription thanks to this site All Free Magazines

For this i am Going to Ping:
Brian Gardner
Linda Buquet
Capitalist Pig
Chad AKA Sonicreducer

Google & Performics and I am Taking the Weekend off!

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Posted on April 20, 2007 in Affiliate Information, Google  

Well it has been a whirl wind week for me. Had some server issues and trying to get some sites ramped up and going, thus had very little time to post. But i did catch a very interesting post about Google and Performics on the Pepperjam blog. What is Googles motives are they going to dissolve Performics…. Find out by reading the Post here.  and you can read my comments on the post their. Also i am taking the weekend off and Going to Celebrate my Birthday!!!

June 2007 Elite Retreat is Open for Registration

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Posted on April 18, 2007 in Affiliate Tips, Elite Retreat  

Get your bags, laptops, business plans, and questions ready as the Registration for the June 2007 Elite Retreat in Orlando is open. For those that don’t know what Elite Retreat is, it is an opportunity to interact with some of the top minds in the business and having them critique your business plan, websites, and answer your questions. If that isn’t enough you also get one on one time with each speaker.  This is not a listen and hope to get one question in at the end of their sales pitch, like other conferences. Your questions are welcomed and answered with examples and input from all speakers. No matter where you are at in your business, it is an opportunity not to be missed. I attended the first Elite Retreat and my only regret was that i didn’t take better notes, but thats where the one-on-one coaching calls following the conference come in handy. So if you are looking to move your business upward and get advice from some of the best in the industry plan to attend Elite Retreat in Orlando.

Attendance for the Elite Retreat (June 8 & 9) – Orlando event is limited to 30 participants and is based on a first-come, first served basis. The Keynote Speaker will be Alex Zhardanovsky the Co-Founder of AzoogleAds. Other speakers at the Orlando Elite Retreat are Jeremy “Shoemoney” SchoemakerLee Dodd, Neil Patel, Kris Jones, and me ;)

I almost forgot the best part (Free Lodging) the Elite Retreat is having a Special Offer: For a limited-time, the cost of admission ($4950) to Elite Retreat includes FREE two-days lodging and FREE breakfast and lunch buffet at the host hotel ($750 value). Offer expires 4/30/07 or until tickets sell-out, whichever comes first.  Sign-up today at

Good Adwords Quality Score Doesn’t Equal High Traffic

4 People Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on April 17, 2007 in Google Adwords, PPC  

I received a question concerning Google Adwords Quality Score and that they have good QS but don’t get any impressions. I am going to address this issue in todays post but first here is the email i received:

When running campaigns on adwords I sometimes notice that I have a quality score
of ok or better for all my keywords however only 1 or 2 of them get any real
amount of impressions. I know these keywords have a good search volume as they
are either quality keywords or I can verify it through google/wordtracker/yahoo.
Is their a way to tell adwords to give all my keywords equal impressions?

Right now I have a campaign with about 200 keywords for the finance market. Out of
all of them only one is showing any real amount of impressions and its probably the
most obscure one out of my list. I’d love to get more impressions out of the others
to see which ones can convert.

First off congrats on getting Good or Great Quality score many people have trouble even accomlishing that. I noticed you said you have a campaign that is in the finance market. Well the finance market can be pricey which is why even though you have Good Quality Score you are not getting any impressions especially if you are bidding the bear minimum to keep the keyword active. This would make perfect sense as to why your obscure phrase is getting impressions as many people are probably not bidding on that single phrase. The solution to get more impressions is bid more, just because google gives you a good quality score and says your minimum bid can be .05 that doesnt mean that bid you will get impressions. OR try to gather up more obscure keywords and bid directly on them for cheaper. This all depends on how much your spend VS return formula comes out as you don’t want to bid so much that you are not making a profit. I will say this though, many times i have had to bid a little more knowing that over time (not always but usually if your CTR is good and QS is good)  you payout per click will decrease even though your bid is higher as Googles system starts recognizing your site for those searches as a better match than other bidders.

Lastly, don’t limit yourself to just Google Adwords look to other sources of Search Engine Traffic. Even though most people stick with the top 3; MSN, Yahoo, and Google, you can get return from other search engines out there.

How to Track Keywords & Tell Which Keywords Convert

50 People Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on April 12, 2007 in Affiliate Tips, Keywords, PPC  

First off thanks to all those who have used the new contact form it works great… almost to great as i got TONS of questions. So i decided to answer my first one today which revolves around tracking keywords for your campaigns and how to tell which ones convert. The Actual Question is:

How do I know which KeyWord is converting the best? 

1. How Do You Know Which Keyword is converting best?

  • First you have to Track your Keywords either using 3rd party software, custom software or simple code.
  • The Simple code can take the searched Keyword and tag it in the subid placement.

Place this code in between your head tags:

<?php ob_start();



         $kw = preg_replace(‘/%20/’,’ ‘,$_REQUEST['kw']).”";

        $k1w = urldecode( $_REQUEST['kw'] ).”";  




       $k1w = NULL;  



Place this code where you want the Keyword to appear in your Subid:

<? echo ( ( strlen( $k1w ) <6 ) ? “Default Text” : “$k1w\n” ) ; ?>

The Reason for the <6 is if the string is less than 6 characters the “Default Text” will be put in instead of Keyword brought in, u can change this number.

Now your Affiliate Link in your page will be like this:

“<? echo “$k1w\n”; ?>”

Now in Google or MSN you can Append your destination links with the Keyword Dynamically. So your destination Url will be:{Keyword}

Now once you Make thos changes your Keywords will be appearing in your Subid output in your CPA network. So you can see what keywords are producing leads and which ones aren’t.  No you know which ones are producing leads you can delete keywords that aren’t producing leads. Do make sure you give enough time to see if the keywords really perform or dont perform. As in you don’t want to delete a keyword that only has one click but didn’t convert you want to look more at higher volume keywords that don’t convert, because the smaller volume the next click could be a lead.

PPC, CPA, Promotion and Big Money Your Questions Answered.

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Posted on April 9, 2007 in CPA Affiliate Announcements  

Ok guys and gals My new look is starting to finish its form there is still minor tweaks to be had but its getting close. I need some help in testing my contact page. So here is what i am going to do. I will answer your questions. If you got a question for me go there and put in your question and i will do my best to answer it. Your question can be about anything making money online, PPC, CPA, Promotion, Adsense, Adwords, landing pages etc…. and hopefully by me answering your questions you will start making money or maybe even BIG MONEY. Once i get some Tees made i will start sending Tees and Pens to those whose question i answer. Sorry this is short but I am off to play golf today!

What to Promote for Easter

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Posted on April 4, 2007 in Affiliate Tips  

I can’t believe it but people are actually asking me what they should promote for Easter. To me seasonal and holiday stuff is a no brainer, just look what sells around those times and promote it. But for those that are really lazy here is a brief list from me of various things you can promote for Easter and should do decent with:

  1. Flowers (Duh)
  2. Easter Candy (Cabury eggs, chocolate etc…)
  3. Ecards (Electronic Cards of course the offer needs to be geared towards easter)
  4. Easter Gift Baskets
  5. Clothes (Specifically dresses many women by a dress just for Easter)
  6. Christian Gifts (Bibles, Christian Books etc..)

Ok there you have it now get to work and making money. I will say if you are just getting started promoting Easter stuff you are a little behind the ball, BUT you can still make money!

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