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What to do with Affiliate Campaigns when you Vacation?

8 People Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on June 25, 2007 in Affiliate Tips  

I just got back from an 8 day vacation, I only had internet access for 2 of the days while i was on vacation. Even my Cell reception was not good and only 2 additional days i could access my email on my cell. Was i freaked out or concerned? NO. Because i knew i had this trip coming up and i had planned for it. I will provide some of my tips for planning to have your websites and affiliate campaigns on autopilot while away.

1. Content – have someone to update your content sites for you. If you aren’t already having someone do this already look into it. Why waste your time on a 5.00 an hour job when you are making 100′s.

2. Don’t test any new offers the week before you leave. IF you just have to test the offers put them on pause before you go on vacation.

3. IF you are overly concerned and need some sort of an update. Get someone you know and trust to look up your info and have them give you a call only in a serious emergency.

4. Enjoy your vacation and realize even while on vacation you are making a boat load of money :) .

I know first beef i will get is why pause a new campaign before you go even if it is working. Well i had a perfect example before i left for vacation. I was running an new offer, and my Affiliate manager knew i was going on vacation so he hit me up before i left and let me know the offer was being pulled temporarily (the offer still isn’t back yet) But instead of me finding out a few days into my vacation (it wasn’t officially announced for a day later which i would have already been jet setting) I paused my campaign, which i was going to do anyways.  Which in the long run saved me some money as the offer would have been redirected. With that said new offers are possible to be pulled at any time so why risk it and worry your vacation away.  I went the whole vacation and the only updates i got was the last day before i returned. Of course i checked all my statistics etc.. and was pleased to see everything was on track or had increased. What a great vacation!

What to do when your affiliate offer is pulled?

5 People Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on June 14, 2007 in Affiliate Networks, Affiliate Tips, CPA Networks  

I get hit up on instant messenger or Pm’s via forums asking; what I do when an affiliate offer is pulled? (This is not when you are asked to stop running it due to poor quality or low converts, when that happens you need to look how you can increase the quality of the converts/leads) Here is my break down of things I do and questions I ask myself.

1. Was the offer very profitable?

a. If Yes move on to question 2.
b. If No why didn’t I stop running it sooner or it was on coast and you were just waiting for it to die so one less offer to look after. (Back to researching new offers etc…)

2. Is it worth my time to find an alternate offer or another network running it?

a. If Yes move on to question 3.
b. If No then it’s not a big deal that was pulled as I was only earning a couple hundred a month from it. (You may need to look deeper into your EPC and ROI to ensure it’s not worth your time and if not (Back to researching new offers etc…) )

3. Have I seen other networks running this offer?

a. Yes move on to number 4.
b. Unsure, check out your competition see if they are still running the offer. Many people don’t cloak links so link at the root part of the url and see if it’s a different network. Contact that network even if you aren’t a member, then move on to number 4.
c. No move on to number 5.

4. See if the other Network is still running the offer?

a. Yes, well start running it with them. Many times advertisers will pull from some networks but not all.
b. No, I don’t see it in their list of offers.  Move on to number 5.

5. Ask an account manager or a network rep if the offer is a private offer.

a. Yes, Many Networks will have some of the same offers but sometimes they are private and you will never know unless you ask. Start running the offer.
b. No, move on to number 6.

6. Find another offer that would appeal to the same audience and try promoting it in the same manner. This may mean a new site/landing page or may just mean changing an image or two and the links.

7. Once changes are made, either new offer or another network. You must still monitor the information, just because it converted as a great EPC/ROI on one network doesn’t guarantee it on another because many use different tracking software methods etc… So monitor it.

So that is it, those are my questions and steps I go through when an offer is pulled from an affiliate network. I go through similar steps when there is a drastic decrease in payout on a network. If you have any advice, tips or questions feel free to leave a comment.

Google Slaps Some Affiliate Marketers a round.

5 People Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on June 9, 2007 in Google Adwords, PPC  

Google Slaps some Affiliate Marketers a round with adwords latest quality score update. I was checking out the thread on digital point “From great to poor in last few hours” .  While I always hate to see this happen I also realize that Google is trying to clean things up and make progress. BUT I also realize at times Google has thrown out the baby with the bath water.

While i didn’t have any drastic differences take place like going from great to poor, I did notice a few of my keywords that were great go to just ok. But I am not surprised on some of them as they aren’t really targeted. My heavily targeted words stayed dead on the off beat ones had some minor changes but nothing to get up in arms about.

Now on to the big issue if you did get hit by the change… Well here are two Great posts to read that should help, CPA Mini Landing Page Sites and Building a Landing Page.

Whats your take? Did your bids get hit?

Insanity Marketing – To many affiliates do this.

6 People Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on June 6, 2007 in Affiliate Tips, Working Online  

Instanity Marketing, this thought popped into my head and figured i would blog about it. First off lets break it down.


  • Insanity – extreme folly; senselessness; foolhardiness. I heard one guy describe it this way Insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result.
  • Marketing – the total of activities involved in the transfer of goods from the producer or seller to the consumer or buyer, including advertising, shipping, storing, and selling

So what is insanity marketing…. to me it is doing the same thing over and over but yet not improving your sales or leads. The funny thing is that i get emails like this ALL the time, I was marketing just like they said on Digital Point, Shoemoney, (insert any blog or forum you regulate ) etc… but yet i am bearly making money or even losing. I can’t seem to make more but i keep applying the same marketing techniquess. 

Well Duh… change your techniques, try something different. So many people are followers and they will do just as you say. The key to really make it in online marketing is to not be an Insanity marketer but to be a Shape Shifter Marketer.  Still apply what has worked in the past but change to make more and to appeal to a new crowd or to stand out so your offer doesn’t blend in. If all you do is try the same stuff over and over you may make money but you are not going to break out and make huge money. The online world changes and adapts daily so does your online marketing.

Don’t be an Insanity Marketer.

Blogging Disclosure – Disclose or Not Disclose that is the Question

1 Person Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on June 5, 2007 in Working Online  

I came across the Post on Shoemoney’s Blog Debating Blogging Disclosure With Rand Fishkin On Net Income and figured i would throw in my 2 cents. In general I feel that everyone has motive or reason for making posts or reviews on products or just writing in general.

I mean everyone writes for some reason, maybe to gain attention, to earn money, to get links back, to make a name for themselves you name it. Even the people that say they write just to write are hoping to one day land a book deal or something. I look at it as everyone has something to gain and that in one way or another they are probably on the take in some shape or fashion. 

People gain credibility because they are credible. Example (neither person discloses), If someone is directly on the take and all they review is all positive stuff about 80% crap items, or whatever. People stop reading. If someone is on the take and still post their own honest opinions then people will come back to read more. I look at it this way, if you disclose or not it is really up to you, but ultimately the readers of your content at some point will realize either your posts are gold or crap,  and it really won’t matter if you disclose or not.

Thats my 2 cents, whats yours.

Testing a New CPA Network and Neverblue Ads

3 People Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on June 4, 2007 in Affiliate Networks, CPA Networks, Neverblue ads  

As i have time I try out new CPA networks to see if they are worth while or if they are full of false promises. Before i get on to talking about Neverblue Ads, I figured i would discuss how i test a new network out.

Testing a New CPA Network:
1. Search forums and Google to see what other people have to say about the network. (don’t let one bad comment keep you from trying but several negatives you may want to proceed with caution)
2. Contact the Network and ask for a list of offers and base payout. (you never know they may have an offer you are currently running but with higher payout)
3. Talk to the CPA network about payments. (are the payment periods flexible, can they do net 15 or bimonthly or even weekly.) (Note* prove yourself first then ask for quicker payments, off the bat asking for bimonth or weekly payments usually throws up a red flag)
4. Signup and check out the offers make sure the payouts match what they sent or are higher.
5. Start off slow. Usually in the first month i will only send enough traffic to atleast get paid out. (this ensures they do pay)
6. After first month and i receive payment and offers are performing well I will start sending more traffic. (Ask Your AM for reports or whats performing good etc.) (don’t go over board, I usually keep the 2nd month to a few K unless I am just overly confident i will get paid as for every dime i make i am usually spending money)
7. Now in your second month you should by now be working with your account manager asking for higher payouts, even setting goals for payouts etc. (this will not only help them out, it helps them to help you)
8. Into your third month and you received your payment for a few K from the second month. I would say you can rest assured they will pay you moving forward so you don’t have to hold back.
9. If at any point it is unprofittable or offers just arent converting, don’t be afraid to stop using the network. If they keep bugging you (via emails phone calls etc.) tell them to buzz off and/or delete your account and stop contacting you.

This is the method i use for testing. As a side note if a newtowk has offers i am already running and it is at the same payout I am currently at I will ask the new network off the bat if they can give me higher payout. Usually they will give something, then i will split test the offer. Each network tracks a little bit differently and sometimes the same offer on one network may convert poorly on another due to system or slow page loads etc..

So now on to Neverblue Ads. I have been testing them for the past few months and so far i am pleased. My account manager is Victoria Hansen. I will say this she may not know all the ins and outs of affiliate marketing (she is somewhat new as an AM), but she is up front and provides what information you need. I used the methods above to test out Neverblue Ads, and I can say they do payout and on time. They do have higher thresholds to be able to get bimonthly payouts than other networks, but they do offer it. They have exclusive offers, but do rerun some other networks offers. They are willing to work with you on payouts and even landing pages. I have made requests for some offers, some they had created or changed, some I am still waiting. The most important thing with the Neverblue Ads network, they were quick to respond, quick to get me information, and willing to work with me on payouts. Plus to my surprise I got a package in the mail from my account manager. It was a Neverblue Ads Dress Shirt, Coffee Mug, and a gift certificate to Salt Grass steakhouse (one of my favorite places to eat.) See the picture below.
Neverblue Ads CPA Network

So try out new networks you never know which ones will work for you and which ones won’t. BUT if you never try you may be leaving money on the table. *NOTE… Just because a network hasn’t worked for me or other people doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it. Only times i stay away from network is if there are tons of posts and articles about non payment.

CPA Affiliates T shirts are in!

10 People Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on June 1, 2007 in CPA Affiliate Announcements, Working Online  

With the new design and layout, I finnally descided to get some T-shirts made. They came in late yesterday afternoon. Of course the best part for my readers is you will have a chance to get one! I haven’t decided how or what will have to be done to get one but there will be plenty of opportunities. I might just choose from time to time an awesome comment and send them a T shirt.

Front of CPA Affiliates T shirt
CPA Affiliates T Shirt Front

Back of CPA Affiliates T shirt
CPA Affiliates T Shirt Back

Well Time to enjoy the weekend!