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One Thing I Learned at Affiliate Summit

2 People Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on July 23, 2007 in Affiliate Summit  

I was blog tagged by Kris Jones of PepperJam Search

I will start off by saying that Affiliate Summit East in Miami was one of the best conferences I have attended. It’s not because of all the great vendors (but it doens’t hurt) It was more due to the great opportunities for networking. While it is tough for me to narrow it down to just 1 thing I learned at Affiliate Summit the most usefull one was concerning looking forward. 

As Affiliates that are doing well you have to remember that you always have to look forward. I had many interesting conversations about how easy Affiliate Marketing was and how it’s only getting thougher, but there is still PLENTY of money to be made. And when i say looking forward this includes jumping on the latest fads, myspace, facebook, iphones, Idol, Lost, Heroes etc.. and figuring out ways to help push your new sites and bring appeal. Plus moving forward with Data Feeds, realtime tracking and statistics… The days of waiting until tomorrow to figure out your return is gone. The days of just throwing up a Get 10 Comlimentary Ringtones and it converting like hot cakes is not working any more. As Advertisers/Marketers we must stay on the cutting edge and even push the envelope if we want our high income to last.

I have stated this before and will again if you are in the online business and haven’t attended and Affiliate Summit you are missing out!

I tag:

Chris K.

Lee Dodd

Affiliate Summit East 07 – Networking, CPA Networks, Kris Jones, Shoemoney

5 People Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on July 14, 2007 in Affiliate Summit, Affiliate Tips, Working Online  

I am back finally from Affiliate Summit East 07 in Miami. It was a blast! This time I didn’t take any pictures…. Yes I know I should have but I didn’t so sorry no photos.  Compared to This Year’s Vegas conference Miami was much better.  It seemed as though anyone and everyone was there.

Of course I talked with various CPA networks I currently use and had some interesting conversations with some networks that I will be giving a try. I gave away the T-shirts that I brought with me, I was surprised how many people stopped me to say hey or ask for a T-shirt.

I went to the Jamster Party (Thanks Shoemoney) which was actually kind of lame (we arrived 30 minutes late but were the first ones there) but I did get an opportunity to talk with a great affiliate guy (Dave) that runs Coupon Code. We had some good conversation about what he is doing in the affiliate world and what I am doing. It was interesting to discuss what has changed and where the affiliate and mobile space is headed.

The only session I attended besides the keynote speaker was the monetizing communities with Lee Dodd and Jeremy Schoemaker (Shoemoney) doing a Question & Answer session. It was a good listen, as they talked about how to start a forum from nothing, monetizing existing forums better, subscription/premium membership and using a current site to start up a forum.

Probably my highlight of the conference besides meeting all the new people was sitting down in private and chatting with Kris Jones (Pepperjam), Jeremy Schoemaker (Shoemoney), and Lee Dodd (Sprint Users). We talked about Elite Retreat but also talked about online marketing, affiliate marketing, and growing businesses online. 

There are many other great people I met during the conference (Chris, Ken, Forest, Kathy, Nathan, Paul, Jaun…)  and will be in touch with in the future. I must urge anyone in the affiliate / online world to attend an Affiliate Summit if you haven’t already!

Q&A Natural Search Engine Rank, Adwords and Landing Pages

13 People Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on July 5, 2007 in Affiliate Tips, Google Adwords, PPC  

Today I decided to do a little Q&A due to an email i received from Edwin.

1)I rank number 1 on Natural Search Engine Rank for my niche, but should i still use AdWords?

If you have natural search engine rank for any terms that get searches daily props to you. Especially in a high volume market. Should you use adwords?  YES!!!!  On all my natural ranking sites that i make money off of and i am not capturing the whole audience I use adwords.

a. You can capture more of your audience, as i doubt you are getting 100% of the traffic that is searching.

b.  Make a custom ad towards the search engine visitors, and you can change it often to see what works.

c. Due to you ranking #1 most likely (not guaranteed) you will get good Quality Score which will mean cheap bids.

2)Do colors really make a difference in sales?

 I am assuming you meant on landing and sales pages. Yes they can make a difference. Anything from color to placement to the signup or sale process can make a drastic difference in the amount of sales or leads. The best way is to test different colors or layouts with your main sales or landing page and keep which one converts the best. In the short term you may lose a little but in the long term you will gain more profits.

If you have a question you would like me to answer use the contact form or leave a comment. Sometimes I answer via my blog and others in private. Hope everyone had a happy fourth of July!

Affiliate Summit East Next Week

5 People Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on July 3, 2007 in Affiliate Summit  

I attended my first Affiliate Summit earlier this year in Las Vegas. I enjoyed it greatly, not really because of all the “great” speakers or sessions but more so to meet face to face with many people i talk with online daily. These people ranged from merchants, to Account Managers to friends online. These are my tips for those attending ASE.

1. Have Business Cards – even if you are doing this as a hobby get cards made of your blog or something.

2. Don’t be shy – If want to talk with “Shoemoney”, Kris Jones or even me just walk up to us and talk to us or others. We are all nice people and IF we have the time we will chat it up. Just don’t act like a newb on DP or EF and say hey what offer should i run or how do you make so much money. Most likely we will become busy or give you a sarcastic answer.

3. Attend a session only if it really interests you and if its lame don’t stay in it. I went to one that was marketing outside the box at ASW it was lame to me talking about offline marketing ( i was expecting something different) so i left. (If its lame your time is better spent networking)

4. Network Network Network… with merchants, CPA networks and of course other affiliates. You will find all of us love talking about things we are working on or hear of your success stories.

5. Talk with networks you deal with and ones you don’t. It’s your opportunity to pick their brain, find out what offers they have without signing up and talk about payouts. (Always under promise and over perform from your end. EX. if you do 100 leads on an offer tell them you do 50 to 75 and see what payout they will give you then when you hit 100 you can ask for more :) )

Have fun. We all can write off the expense for ASE to our business so make sure to take the time and have some fun while you are there. I will be attending and will have some of my CPA Affiliates T-shirts so if you see me and want one just ask.