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What it takes to make it BIG in online marketing

11 People Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on October 26, 2007 in Affiliate Tips, Working Online  

People ask me all the time how i got into doing what i am doing and how i became a player in online marketing. So i figured i would provide a little insight.

1. It takes focus! – it is easy ESPECIALLY when you work online to get distracted by emails, instant messages, fun sites (that can kill a lot fo your time). So stay focused, If need be don’t check your email during the day, turn off any instant message clients so you can accomplish the tasks at hand. In affiliate marketing don’t get overwhelmed by the number of offers just go after a few and target those untill you make them work.

2. It takes perseverance! – You have to be the type of person that even though you are losng money you keep trying. Even when Google Delists you, you keep trying. You can’t give up in online marketing, as it is constantly changing there are new battles daily with victories and defeats you have to be able to take both in stribe.

3. Don’t get Complacent! – Yes its great when that offer starts earning you a 100 or 1000 a day but don’t get too happy and just sit back.  Cause that offer or campaign can be pulled tomorrow or your rankings can take a dive… what then?

4. Network Network Network – Don’t be a shy fly on the wall. Network with other earners and online marketters. Send them an email if you feel brave (don’t make it lame and say oh i think your awesome can your teach me your ways (these go directly to spam!)) also don’t ask the typical questions be creative. You would be surprised cause as online marketers we love to interact with people since we lack it due to online work. Attend conferences that will help you make contacts. (For affiliate marketers affiliate Summit is the best, it is for the Marketer not just huge companies with big pockets)

5. Have Fun! – If you don’t have fun you will end up wanting to quit this work quicker than a burger flipper at MCD’s (don’t even think they have burger flippers anymore).

6. Be Creative – While you can make money by reading and trying to copy other people to really make $$$$$$$$$ you need to be creative with your approach, its not that hard you just have to try to be different… sometimes the ideas take off sometimes they fail but thats part of the fun.

7. When you start making it don’t be afraid to expand!!!!!!!

You have a tip to help people make it in online marketing leave a comment.

CJ affiliates Spybot Search & Destroy Immunize is killing your Sales!

24 People Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on October 17, 2007 in Affiliate Tips, CJ Affiliates  

So a Few days ago on one of my computers i was getting popups randomly. So i went and downloaded Spybot search and destroy to have it search for adware etc.. and i noticed they had an immunize function now. After search ran i had it immunize also just to cover all bases. Well the next day i was coming to my site and clicked on my Yahoo search marketing banner on the right and noticed it went to a dead page. I thought hmmm….. thats odd. Maybe my link is old or something, went in and put in the new code and still went to a dead page.  I tried both browsers IE and Firefox… both dead page.  I gave CJ benefit of doubt and thought maybe just an issue and will be resolved in few minutes or hour. Well i forgot about it untill the next day, I tried again still a dead page. So i decided to email CJ about this. Below is the email response I got.

Dear David,

Thank you for your inquiry. In reviewing the link I am unable to replicate the error. The link is routing to the correct destination page. The server is not timing out on our end. This appears to be a problem with your specific computer or browser. I would advise to check your security settings. If they are set too high, they can prohibit certain images and/or web pages to be viewed. In addition, you may want to try accessing the links through another computer.

According to another publisher experiencing a similar error, the latest version of Spybot Search & Destroy v. 1.5 immunizes against our links. They had to remove the immunization for our links to work.

While you may not be using Spybot, I would assume that it may be due to similar third party security software which is not allowing the links to route through our servers to the destination page.

Thank you for your patience and please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

Commission Junction Client Support

After this email I go an Un-Immunize my computer, and what do you know the links all now work!!!  So be warned all CJ affiliates if your users are using Spybot Search & Destroy and Run the Immunize it will block your links and cost you sales!!!!! 

What if Google had to Design to thier Interface to Rank in Google.

2 People Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on October 16, 2007 in Google  

A friend of mine (thanks Ben) sent me this link. I found it to be hilarious. It shows what Google would have to do if they had to build out their site to rank in their own search engine. It also makes you realize the hoops we have to jump thru to get some Google love. Enjoy!

Webmaster Inspiration Month and Contest!

5 People Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on October 4, 2007 in Online Merchant, Working Online  

Over at Earners Forum they are hosting a Webmaster Inspiration Month Contest! with over $5500 dollars in prizes. Check Out the details below.

The Good Stuff First – Contest Prizes!

With this contest we will have a total of 7 winners! At the end of Webmaster Inspiration Month (Contest ends October 31st at 11:59pm CST) the 7 winners will be chosen. Each winner will receive each of the following:

  1. $250 Gift Certificate to Text Link Ads!
  2. 24 T-Shirts Custom Printed For Your Web Site (multiple shirt colors, sizes from Adult Small – XL, and 6 colors front-side printing) from NDesigns!
  3. $250 CASH MONEY From Neverblue Ads!
  4. In addition to the items above, the submission that receives the most votes (or backs
    as we call them on Earners Forum) will also win a brand new iPod Touch (valued at $300)!                                   

    See Live Contest Rankings!

    Over $5,500 In Prizes!

Contest Details

This contest is rather simple and quite motivational! All you have to do to participate in the contest after registering as a member of Earners Forum is submit your success story in one of the following 6 categories:

  1. Blog Success Story – Submit Here
    How did your blog become the success that it is? Is it highly trafficked? Is it your sole income?
  2. Forum Success Story – Submit Here
    Did you grow it from scratch? Has your membership growth been exponential? Huge traffic and/or income?
  3. Affiliate Marketing Success Story – Submit Here
    Is it your sole income? Did you have a campaign with extraordinary ROI? Did a campaign buy you a new car?
  4. SEO / SEM Success Story – Submit Here
    Are you #1 for a hot keyword? I pwn Google? Did you drive huge traffic to a new site (viral, social media, organic)?
  5. Rags to Riches Success Story – Submit Here
    Did you go from the poor house to Trump’s mansion? Did your net worth finally move in to positive numbers?
  6. “I Quit My Job” Success Story – Submit Here
    Did you quit your day job due to your internet success?

Your focus in making your submission should be to tell your success story and inspire other webmasters to succeed. You can share as much or as little detail as you’d like, but remember as we judge the submissions at the end of the month we will be looking for the most inspiring and the best details. You can make multiple submissions if you want to share multiple success stories, or you may experience success in several of the categories. This contest is not just for those who have made millions, we want to hear from you all. If you started out with nothing and are now profiting $20 a day, then share that success story with us!

I have entered my story and would appreciate your Backs/Votes. My post can be found under I Quit MY Day Job in 2006! And of course feel free to make your entry as there are some great prizes who can’t use some free Text Links, T shirts or most importantly $250 in Cash!

CPA Networks Getting Desperate

5 People Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on October 1, 2007 in Affiliate Networks, CPA Networks  

Back in the day and still used today is cold calling. I have been cold called by CPA networks before and some I am doing good business with. Today I received an odd one because it wasn’t just a cold call it was a pre-recorded cold call and if I wanted to talk with a rep about their network more to hit 1. Are networks getting this desperate!!! It took me back but here is what i think is happening with some of the networks, they are getting desperate! Some networks are working with such low margins cause they are getting an offer from a network that got an offer that got an offer from another network…

So take a basic email submit offer, from the direct source you could get anywhere from 1.00 to 2.00 depending on the offer. So lets say it starts at Network A at 2.00, they share it with Network B which can offer 1.50, they share with Network C which can offer 1.20, then to Network D which can offer 1.00 and so on… So as you can see margins continue to get cut. This honestly isnt really the issue though. The big issue is Network E that is only paying out .75 can easily lose their affiliates as soon as they find out that they join Network A,B,C, or D and will get a much higher payout. So what happens is the affiliate jumps ship and lower networks are struggling.

What are CPA Networks to do? Get direct and unique offers. This is critical because if they can get direct and unique offers they can offer better payouts than anyone else. Which will draw in affiliates.  This is why i always say signup with several networks as the more you are signed up with the more “window” shopping you can do for a payout of an offer.