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Google Adwords Lays down the Law on URLs

5 People Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on March 21, 2008 in Google Adwords  

I was checking my stats as usual today and noticed an alert for Google in Adwords.

Important Change to URL Policy Enforcement
Starting in April, display URLs for new ads will be required to match their destination / landing page URLs, without exception. Please adjust your URLs accordingly when creating new ads.

What does this mean… Well it means no more url faking… Some Example Ads that won’t fly anymore…

DVD Rental Movies with BLOCKBUSTER.
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When they are sent to  Ultimately it means is the Url shown has to be the page the user ultimately lands on. People would show various urls like  or  or even some would show as their url but send them to the signup page. Google says no more to this.  Good news is they still are allowing you to use tracking urls. Below info is taken from their Learn more page on the issue:

Tracking URLs

Your ads will be approved if the URL of your landing page domain matches that of your display URL domain.

For example, the following would be acceptable:

  • Display URL:
  • Destination URL:
  • Landing page URL:

However, this example would be unacceptable:

  • Display URL:
  • Destination URL:
  • Landing page URL:


The use of sub-domains and additional text within the display will continue to be acceptable, provided the top-level domain matches the URL of your landing page.

For example, the display URLs below would be acceptable for the landing page URL of, as the top-level domains match:

So there you have it. No more shooting from the hip with Google Adwords, no more throwing up a quick url to fake Google out. You will have to build a landing page or site or send them directly to the deal page and show it.  In the past this change would have effected me but i moved away from this method a long time ago so bring it on G!

Affiliate Spring Cleaning

2 People Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on March 19, 2008 in Affiliate Tips  

Everyone knows as spring approaches it is time for some spring cleaning. Same goes for the affiliate side of things. In spring I look back see what has worked what hasn’t and what needs to change. Some tips for spring cleaning.

  1. Check Existing Campaigns (Are they still making good ROI? How is the ad copy (try something fresh and new), Is your page outdated? (Check out the competition & Compare)
  2. Check on your payouts on offers. (Is the same offer available for higher on another network or direct?)
  3. Check for other similar offers. (if your credit offer is doing well look for other credit offers to promote or split test with)
  4. Check you current Setup. Is it time for a new PC, new monitor, New servers to handle the massive traffic?
  5. Check Yourself. Are you being the most efficient you can be. Can you hire others to due the same tasks for cheaper? Have you rewarded your self for you hard work? (Vacation, New Car etc..)

Those are a few of my thoughts on affiliate Spring cleaning any suggestions of your own?

Affiliate Marketers can Learn From Hillary and Obama

7 People Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on March 3, 2008 in Affiliate Tips  

Yes you read that title correct Affiliate Marketers can Learn From Hillary and Obama. While i am not turning this blog into a political sounding board there are many things Affiliates can learn from Hillary and Obama some good some bad. So here goes.

What Affiliates can learn from Hillary:

1. Sometimes Your Associations can hurt you or help. For instance… no one will forget her husband and what happened with him in the presidency. Same applies for affiliates, if you spamed or provided bad leads… your networks and managers will take this into account when new offers come out. Just like if you rocked offers with quality leads they will come running back to you.

2. Show your sensitive side… Hillary did this by crying… But as an Affiliate Marketer you can do this by giving something back or giving an incentive… Incentives are GREAT when done properly. I have ran offers where 50% or even 90% of proceeds went to charity… what do you know they performed well.

3. Don’t Flip Easily… Hillary has flipped on a few subjects… Should you flip in Affiliate Marketing… it depends… I always test… even when the payout seems lower you should test the same offer on another network sometimes they will convert better… or maybe the one company is skimming and the other isn’t or its the system is better at tracking, who knows either way this flip could put more money in your pocket.

What Affiliates can learn from Obama:

1. Your Message doesn’t have to be different… Just promoted in a different manner… Obama has promised change… Many have done this in the past but why does he get more promotion due to this (think about the Yes we Can Video). What we can learn as affiliate marketers is … so what there is 1000′s others with the same message or offer… take that message or offer and put a spin on it… promote it with more gusto and it just might work.

2. While there are supporters of all the candidates Obama’s seem to work a little harder and push a little more… As affiliates you can learn that some of the best publicity isn’t your own but from your supporters (buyers and users) find ways to get them to help you promote your product.

3.Cross Gaps…. Obama has done this by appealing to all races… As affiliates you can do this by cross promotion just because an offer is geared towards dieting… why not cross promote it to just women or to stay at home moms, or maybe to the working women… Don’t just target the main audience, reach out across the gaps and you wil be surprised of the result.

So there you have it a few things Affiliate Marketers can Learn from Hillary and Obama… While i don’t feel this is all inclusive, it should give you some ideas… You have some ways affilaites can learn from any of the candidates (repub or Dem)? Leave a comment.