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Easy Affiliate Marketing Days are over

7 People Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on July 23, 2008 in Affiliate Tips, PPC  

Just as the post states easy affiliate marketing days are over. Now that doesn’t mean you won’t make money or that you can’t make GREAT money. It more so just means the days of starting up a campaign and going from zero to the penthouse is much harder. The system was easier to game and manipulate. Yes you still can manipulate the system and can get by with things, but to combat this google is updating their Quality Score more oftern.  I read many posts about the latest Google slap. I remained untouched due to it but that is only more so all my sites have moved to more legit sites and not the one page wonders that could make a killing of the past. 

As an Affiliate Marketer you need to:

1. Rake in the money while you can. If you have a hot offer milk it while you can. Can you do the same with a similar offer? Then do it!

2. Change and evolve… What worked last year doesn’t work… well at times things that worked 3 months ago don’t work.

3. Have a game plan and a end goal. Don’t just pile the money in and blow it on things that will depreciate. I mean we all want to do nothing at some point in our lives.

4. Test Tweak Test Tweak…  A/B test, ad test, copy test, site test…. the testing never stops.

With that said there is still a TON of money to be made in affiliate marketing but it takes more work.

ClickBooth Network Interview

9 People Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on July 9, 2008 in Affiliate Networks, Clickbooth  

The next CPA Network up on the Interview list is the Clickbooth.

1. How many offers does your network have?
Clickbooth has over 4,000 offers, including over 450 true exclusives.  We are Agency of Record for the industries top campaigns and our advertising representatives work closely with our advertisers to optimize campaigns on a daily basis, creating the best converting offers available.

2. What is the Average Payout of all your offers?
Clickbooth offers the highest payouts across the industry with no hassles.  Our payouts range from $2 for an email submit to $200 for a sale offer.

3. What is your highest Paying offer and how much?
Since Clickbooth does have the highest payouts in the industry, we focus on eCPM’s to ensure that you are always running the campaigns that will make you the most money.

4. How much a month does your average affiliate earn?
With over 20,000 active affiliates on our network, we have a wide range in earning potential.  Our affiliates earnings range from $100 per month all the way up to $2million per month.

5. Do you have a rewards program (If Yes What Rewards do affiliates receive?)?
Clickbooth does have a rewards program.  We offer our affiliates American Express giftcards based on their monthly earnings.  Clickbooth was the first network to allow affiliates to rollover their rewards from month to month.  We also offer double rewards points for our exclusive publishers.

6. Do you offer second tier/referral commission (If Yes what payout or percent and for how long?)?
Clickbooth does have an affiliate referral program.  We offer our affiliates $10 for every new affiliate they refer along with 2% of the new affiliates commision for life.  Why do we ‘only’ offer 2% for referring other publishers? The answer is simple. We offer the guaranteed highest payouts, and, unlike a lot of other networks, we actually stand by this guarantee. In order to maintain the highest payouts, we cannot offer more than 2% because we take extremely slim margins on these campaigns. In fact, we are only breaking even on many campaigns. Nevertheless, this model has proven effective for many major corporations (Think Sam W.) and has been extremely effective for us as well over the years at Clickbooth. Plus your actually doing your friend a favor by referring them to our program, a program they will actually use and isn’t that what it’s all about looking out for friends.

7. What are your payment terms?
Our standard payment terms are net 15, though we do offer faster terms for our top affiliates.

8. Do you offer Special terms for big earners?
For our top earners Clickbooth does offer biweekly payements, as well as the option to be wired payments or receive ACH/direct deposit.

9. What does it take to get weekly payments (if you offer it)?
Clickbooth offers biweekly payments for affiliates earning a minimum of $5,000 per week and weekly payments for affiliates earning a minimum of $10,000 per week.

10. What makes your CPA network stand out from the rest?
• Expert Affiliate Managers- Clickbooth’s affiliate managers each specialize in a specific traffic type so they are industry experts
• Exclusive and AOR advertisers- Direct campaigns you can’t get anywhere else, when you get an offer from Clickbooth you are going direct
• Top Quality = Top Payouts- Ability to leverage our publisher’s superior quality for the highest advertiser payouts
• In-House Design Team-  In house designers allow us to offer unique creatives in any size
• Highest eCPMs- Make our affiliates the most money, and gives them the upperhand to outbid other publishers trying to compete in the same niche etc
• No caps- no worries
• Objective system– Affiliate specialists that only push proven offers that will make you money

11. To be in the Top 10 Affiliates of your network how much Revenue would you have to bring in a month?
Our top affiliates are making over $2 million per month.

12. What was your hottest offer across your network for 2007?
Thanks to our relationships with our advertisers, Clickbooth has the hottest offers available across every vertical.  This offers all of our affiliates the opportunity to be running the hottest offers in the industry, no matter what vertical they are interested in.

13. What will be hot in your network for 2008?
Clickbooth has already had a groundbreaking year in terms of advertiser growth and has several more industry leading campaigns in the pipeline.  We average about 200 new offers going live a month!

14. What conferences do you usually have a booth at?
Just within the last year Clickbooth has exhibited at/plan to exhibit at:
• adTech- San Fransisco and New York
• Affiliate Summit- East and West
• OMMA- New York and Hollywood
• DMA Days- New York
• Pub Con
• Email Authentification Summit
• And we are always adding more

15. Give one reason why EVERY Affiliate out there should join and be a part of your network?
As you can see from question 10, Clickbooth was founded with the best interests of both our advertisers and affiliates in mind.  We value our relationships with our advertisers and affiliates and built our network to serve our partners better than anyone else in the industry can.  Clickbooth leads the pack in industry innovation and versatility and knows that our continued focus on these is the key to our future growth.  And last but not least, we are a relationship based company.  We truly value the relationships we have built up over the years with so many great people and companies across the globe.

If you aren’t using Clickbooth you should definitely check them out!