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Winner of the Affiliate Summit East tickets

10 People Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on July 22, 2009 in Affiliate Summit  

Below are the winners of the Affiliate summit east tickets:
Each of these won a Gold Pass (DM me on twitter for the code to register)


Each of these won a Silver Pass (DM me on twitter for the code to register)


Congrats to the winners!! If you see me around at Affiliate Summit east say hey.

A Few Great Affiliate Posts You will want to read

17 People Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on July 9, 2009 in Affiliate Summit, Affiliate Tips  

A Few Great Affiliate Posts You will want to read

1. Profiting With Facebook 101
Great writeup for newbs looking for a little insight into getting started with Facebook advertising.

2. What you can learn from the late great Billy Mays
Several good nuggets in the article, including choosing the right product, solving a problem, and making the pitch sell!

3. Using Twittoratti to do trend research
I point out this post because you shouldn’t just rely on google, yahoo, bing for your trend research but think outside the box for your research as some tools you have never heard of can bring you some great insight.

4. Ways to Reduce Unsubscribers
I pointed out this article only because i would recommend you not do this. In all honesty i would much rather make my unsubscribe upfront and in there face because them unsubscribing from the newsletter is 10xs better than them hitting the spam button. So my reason for pointing this out is, do the opposite make sure people can find it easily how to unsubscribe.

5. Win Tickets to Affiliate Summit East 2009 in NYC
Why pay for your affiliate summit east ticket when you can get it for free!

PPC Management

10 People Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on July 6, 2009 in Affiliate Tips  

PPC Management is one of the things i spend most of my time on. Why? Because it can make a huge difference on my bottom line. PPC Management for me is a 3 step process once the campaigns are up and running.

3 Step PPC Management:
1. If a keyword isn’t profiting – why? Is it being pulled into off topic searches because of broad match? If Yes i put it on Exact match then see how it performs or put in negative words to narrow it down. Do i need to add more keywords, have i gotten both short and long tails covered?

2. Bid management – Am i maximizing my profit. notice i didn’t say revenue as it isn’t a game of revenue but profit. If i increase bids does my profit increase? Sometimes there are cycles of new advertisers and you just have to ride those out, especially on campaigns i have dialed in.

3. Ad Management – Have i tested any new ads lately if i haven’t i would throw in a couple new ads just to see how they perform you never know… even try some goofy things you will be surprised what works sometimes. If ads are under performing pause those and let the ones performing well continue.

Those the 3 main steps i use in my PPC Management. this if for the management of my ppc not the startup of it. and doesn’t take into account landing page management cause if your page sucks you are out of the game anyways. I hope this post helps you increase your ROI in PPC.

Win One of 4 Affiliate Summit East Tickets

34 People Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on July 2, 2009 in Affiliate Summit  

We’re giving you a chance to win tickets to Affiliate Summit East where you can meet some of the biggest names in the web industry! That’s $1,400 in tickets we’re GIVING AWAY to Affiliate Summit East on August 9-11 at the New York Hilton in New York City!

How to Enter:
It’s Easy, Enter and Win!
1. Follow @cpaaffiliates on Twitter
2. Tweet about this contest (Example: RT @cpaaffiliates Win free tickets to Affiliate Summit East! #ase09 (You can tweet each day for more chances to win!)

You MUST leave a comment to this post each time you complete an entry with a link to your twitter.

Tweet daily to increase your chances!

The Winners Announced here


Two (2) GOLD Passes ($499 Each): Admission to Affiliate Meet Market, Exhibit Hall, Keynote, Sunday educational sessions, Networking Events, access to all recorded Session Videos, Powerpoint Presentations and Affiliate Summit Social Network. This pass does not include Monday and Tuesday sessions.

Two (2) SILVER Passes ($199 Each): Admission to Affiliate Meet Market and Exhibit Hall and access to the Affiliate Summit Social Network.

Also will also throw in if Each of the winners would like i will take 30 minutes to sit down with them to talk about affiliate marketing and answer any questions etc.. @ ASE.

On Wednesday, July 22 at 12:00PM (Noon) CST we’ll draw the names of 4 random people to win.

Anyone may enter as long as your local laws allow you to participate in contests and receive the prize. You will be responsible for any taxes or fees imposed by your local government. Airfare, meals, and other expenses not included.

Only one (1) prize per winner. In the case the same name is drawn twice, another random name will be drawn.

Affiliate Summit East are you going?

11 People Speaking Their Mind - Put In Your Two Cents!

Posted on July 2, 2009 in Affiliate Summit  

I will be attending Affiliate Summit East and i am looking forward to it. It has been almost 2 years since my last affiliate summit just for one reason or another i couldn’t make it, but this time I am going and can’t wait.

So will you be there? leave a comment and let me know.

I love Affiliate summit because it provides great networking opportunities with other affiliates and other networks.

If you aren’t going because of the cost of the tickets, keep an eye on my blog either later today or tomorrow i will be posting a contest where i will give away 4 passes, 2 gold and 2 silver.